Keeping this page short , we bring you something for free that is not free for us

Ideally, there would be no ads and no shortened urls

Here at Anime Kaizoku ,we’d love to provide downloads and information completely free from annoying adverts and shortened links ,but lately with the growing visitors day by day we need the website to pull its own weight too.

It’s not free for us to run

We have made a colossal speculation of time and cash to make this thing and keep contributing favorable circumstances for the meander each and every day. We expect that everybody has an advantage to see our data, so that is the reason we don’t mask it behind a paywall or require a paid enlistment.

We’re kicking around a few thoughts to give our guests a choice to cover the headways on our site. It may very well be as immediate as a “cover this headway” get, or perhaps we’ll oblige you to make sense of how to open this segment, for example, tailing us on Twitter, subscribing to our freebee, Youtube channel, inclining toward us on FB or making a bit of gift. We haven’t completely grasped it yet and we will research in the coming weeks/months.


How much does it costs to make an anime website?

To be honest, you can work well if you have the dedication,time a good internet to upload and collect information and a free server. However with the growing number of visitors on AnimeKaizoku led us to use some paid options for the servers and a better internet so that we can provide your favorite anime as soon as they are released in dubbed/dubbed ,don’t forget games,wallpapers and stuff too.

This costs a lot for someone who is not earning anything and is trying to support a hobby..okay.


How can you help us?

We know that AnimeKaizoku has a lot to fix and a lot of anime to add, however we are doing what we can with what resources we have. So if you like the initiative we took here then you can consider to donate a small amount (any amount ) through Bitcoin,paypal or if you are an Indian user can contact us through the Request section for more.

Really the more you donate ,the more we will use the amount to provide you with more free stuff .. and not just you ..for everyone.


Questions? Remarks? Flames?

We’d love to hear it good or bad. You can find us at the Request section ,facebook . ps: we always respond :)