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October 31, 2020HAIKYU!! To the Top 2nd Courcomedy drama school shounen sportseng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 31, 2020Jujutsu Kaisenaction demons horror school shounen supernaturaleng-sub480p 720p
October 15, 2020The Day I Became Goddrama fantasyeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 15, 2020Adachi and Shimamuraromance school shoujo-ai slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 15, 2020Is the Order a Rabbit BLOOMcomedy slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 14, 2020TONIKAWA – Over The Moon For Youcomedy romance shouneneng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 13, 2020Wandering Witch – The Journey of Elainaadventure fantasyeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 11, 2020Taiso Samuraisportseng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 11, 2020When They Cry – Newdementia horror mystery psychological supernatural thrillereng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 11, 2020Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon IIIaction adventure comedy fantasy romanceeng-sub480p 720p
October 10, 2020Noblesseaction school supernatural vampireeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 10, 2020Akudama Driveaction sci-fieng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 8, 2020Ikebukuro West Gate Parkdrama mystery romanceeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 6, 2020Kuma Kuma Kuma Bearadventure comedy fantasyeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 6, 2020Golden Kamuy 3action adventure historical seineneng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 6, 2020Talentless Nanapsychological shounen supernatural thrillereng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 6, 2020By the Grace of the Godsadventure fantasy slice-of-lifeeng-sub720p
October 5, 2020Moriarty the Patriothistorical mystery psychological shouneneng-sub1080p 480p
October 4, 2020Black Cloveraction comedy fantasy magic shounensub-and-eng-dub eng-sub480p 720p
October 4, 2020Iwakakeru – Sport Climbing Girlscomedy school sportseng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 4, 2020Yashahime – Princess Half-Demonaction adventure comedy demons fantasy historical magic supernaturaleng-sub480p
October 4, 2020The Irregular at Magic High School – Visitor Arcaction magic romance school sci-fi supernaturaleng-sub480p
October 3, 2020Assault Lily BOUQUETaction fantasy magiceng-sub1080p 480p
October 2, 2020Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castlecomedy fantasy magic shounen slice-of-life supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 1, 2020Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Clubmusic school slice-of-lifeeng-sub480p
October 1, 2020Dragon Quest – The Adventure of Daiaction adventure fantasy shouneneng-sub480p 720p
October 1, 2020I’m Standing on a Million Livesaction drama fantasy game shouneneng-sub480p 720p
September 29, 2020Warlords of Sigrdrifaaction militaryeng-sub480p 720p
September 14, 2020Sore dake ga Neckmysteryeng-sub480p
August 6, 2020Re ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- 2nd Seasondrama fantasy psychological thrillereng-sub1080p 720p
August 6, 2020Fire Force Season 2action shounen supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
August 5, 2020Uzaki Wants to Hang Out!comedy ecchi slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
July 20, 2020The Misfit of Demon King Academyfantasy magic schooleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
July 10, 2020SUPER HXEROSaction comedy ecchi school shounen supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
July 1, 2020Tower of Godaction adventure drama fantasy mysteryeng-sub1080p 720p
May 25, 2020Pokemon Journeysaction adventure comedy fantasy kids
May 10, 2020Kaguya-sama – Love is War Season 2comedy psychological romance school seineneng-sub1080p 480p 720p
April 22, 2020Fruits Basket 2nd Seasoncomedy drama romance shoujo slice-of-life supernaturalsub-and-eng-dub eng-sub1080p 480p 720p
April 13, 2020Ascendance of a Bookworm Part 2fantasy slice-of-lifeeng-sub480p 720p
April 12, 2020APPARE-RANMAN!comedy historicaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
April 10, 2020The Millionaire Detective – BALANCE UNLIMITEDmysteryeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
April 8, 2020Major 2nd Season 2comedy drama shounen sportseng-sub480p 720p
April 8, 2020Shachibato! President, It’s Time for Battle!action adventure fantasyeng-sub480p 720p
April 8, 2020The 8th Son Are You Kidding Meaction fantasyeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
April 8, 2020Digimon Adventureaction adventure comedy fantasy kidseng-sub1080p 480p 720p
April 5, 2020Listenersmusic sci-fieng-sub480p
March 1, 2020Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!adventure comedy school seineneng-sub1080p 480p 720p
March 1, 2020Magia Recorddrama magic psychological thrillereng-sub1080p 480p 720p
January 27, 2020Infinite Dendrogramfantasy gameeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
January 24, 2020Hatena Illusioncomedy ecchi romance supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
January 24, 2020Sorcerous Stabber Orphenaction adventure drama fantasy magic martial-artseng-sub480p 720p
January 23, 2020A Certain Scientific Railgun Taction sci-fi super-powereng-sub1080p 480p 720p
January 23, 2020Isekai Quartet S2comedy fantasy parodyeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
January 15, 2020A Destructive God Sits Next to Mecomedy josei school slice-of-lifeeng-sub480p 720p
January 11, 2020Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove Itcomedy romanceeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
January 9, 2020Seton Academy Join the Packcomedy schooleng-sub480p 720p
January 8, 2020petmystery psychological seinen supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
December 29, 2019Case File nÂș221 – Kabukichocomedy drama mysteryeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
December 14, 2019One Pieceaction adventure comedy drama fantasy shounen super-powersub-and-eng-dub eng-sub1080p 480p 720p
December 14, 2019SUPER SHIROkidseng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019Boruto – Naruto Next Generationsaction adventure martial-arts shounen super-powereng-dub eng-sub1080p 480p 720p
December 14, 2019RADIANT Season 2action adventure fantasy magiceng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019ORESUKI – Are you the only one who loves mecomedy romance schooleng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019Kono Oto Tomare! – Sounds of Life Season 2drama music romance school shounensub-and-eng-dub eng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019Kandagawa Jet Girlsecchi sportseng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another Worldfantasyeng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019Chihayafuru 3drama game josei school slice-of-life sportseng-sub1080p 480p 720p
December 14, 2019Cautious Heroaction adventure comedy fantasyeng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019ASSASSINS PRIDEfantasyeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
December 14, 2019Ace of Diamond Act IIcomedy school shounen sportseng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019Case Closedadventure comedy mystery police shouneneng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019Ahiru no Soracomedy drama school shounen sportseng-sub1080p 480p 720p