May 15, 2023Dr. STONE – NEW WORLDadventure comedy sci-fieng-sub1080p 810p
May 15, 2023My Home Herodrama suspenseeng-sub1080p 720p
May 15, 2023Mobile Suit Gundam – The Witch from Mercurysci-fieng-sub1080p 720p
May 15, 2023TONIKAWA – Over The Moon For You Season 2comedy romanceeng-sub1080p 720p
May 14, 2023The Dangers in My Heartcomedyeng-sub1080p 720p
May 14, 2023MIX Season 2sportseng-sub1080p 720p
May 14, 2023MASHLEaction comedy fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
May 13, 2023Heavenly Delusionadventure sci-fieng-sub1080p 720p
May 13, 2023Yuri Is My Job!comedy girls-loveeng-sub1080p 720p
May 11, 2023Oshi no Kodrama supernaturaleng-sub1080p 720p
May 10, 2023The Marginal Serviceaction sci-fieng-sub1080p
May 9, 2023Vinland Saga Season 2action adventure dramaeng-sub1080p 720p
May 8, 2023KONOSUBA – An Explosion on This Wonderful World!comedy fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
May 7, 2023One Pieceaction adventure comedy drama fantasy shounen super-powersub-and-eng-dub eng-sub1080p 480p 720p
May 3, 2023The Café Terrace and Its Goddessescomedy ecchi romanceeng-sub1080p 844p
April 28, 2023Insomniacs After Schoolromanceeng-sub1080p 720p
April 21, 2023Bungo Stray Dogs 4action mystery supernaturaleng-sub720p
April 20, 2023Ranking of Kings – The Treasure Chest of Courageadventure fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
April 20, 2023X&Ymystery suspenseeng-sub1080p 720p
April 16, 2023NieR Automata Ver1.1aaction fantasy sci-fieng-sub1080p 720p
April 13, 2023The [email protected] Cinderella Girls U149eng-sub1080p 720p
April 10, 2023Edens Zero Season 2action adventure fantasy sci-fieng-sub1080p 720p
April 10, 2023Demon Slayer – Swordsmith Village Arcaction fantasyeng-sub1080p
April 10, 2023The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 2drama fantasy romanceeng-sub1080p 720p
April 10, 2023A Galaxy Next Doorcomedy romance supernaturaleng-sub1080p 720p
April 10, 2023Summoned to Another World for a Second Timeadventure comedy fantasy romanceeng-sub1080p 844p
April 9, 2023Too Cute Crisiscomedy sci-fieng-sub1080p 720p
April 9, 2023The Legendary Hero is Dead!action comedy ecchi fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
April 7, 2023My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999romanceeng-sub1080p 720p
April 7, 2023KamiKatsu – Working for God in a Godless Worldaction comedy ecchi fantasyeng-sub1080p 844p
April 7, 2023Skip and Loaferdramaeng-sub1080p 720p
April 7, 2023Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch!adventure comedy fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
April 7, 2023In Another World With My Smartphone 2adventure comedy fantasy romanceeng-sub1080p 720p
April 4, 2023Hell’s Paradiseaction fantasyeng-sub1080p 844p
April 3, 2023The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2action fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
April 1, 2023Buddy Daddiesaction comedyeng-sub1080p 720p
April 1, 2023Tomo-chan Is a Girl!comedy romanceeng-sub1080p 720p
April 1, 2023Tsurune – The Linking Shotsportseng-sub1080p 720p
January 24, 2023Farming Life in Another Worldfantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
January 24, 2023Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisiblecomedy romanceeng-sub1080p 720p
January 24, 2023Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skilladventure comedy fantasy gourmeteng-sub1080p 844p
January 24, 2023InSpectre Season 2mystery romance supernaturaleng-sub1080p 720p
January 24, 2023BOFURI Season 2action adventure comedy fantasyeng-sub1080p 810p
November 13, 2022Kaguya-sama – Love is War Season 3comedyeng-sub1080p 720p
October 16, 2022Urusei Yatsura 1st Seasoncomedy romance sci-fieng-sub1080p
October 10, 2022Golden Kamuy 4action adventureeng-sub1080p 720p
September 27, 2022ORIENTaction adventure fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
September 25, 2022Engage Kisscomedy romanceeng-sub1080p 720p
July 12, 2022Vermeil in Goldfantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
July 12, 2022Dropkick on My Devil!!! Xcomedy supernaturaleng-sub1080p 720p
July 12, 2022RWBY – Ice Queendomactioneng-sub1080p 720p
July 10, 2022My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Excomedy romanceeng-sub1080p 720p
July 9, 2022Love After World Dominationcomedy romanceeng-sub1080p 720p
May 21, 2022Trapped in a Dating Simfantasy romanceeng-sub1080p 720p
May 21, 2022The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobodyaction fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
May 21, 2022The Executioner and Her Way of Lifeaction adventure fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
May 21, 2022THE LAST SUMMONERaction adventure drama fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
April 15, 2022Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Season 2slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 720p
February 13, 2022Yamishibai – Japanese Ghost Stories 10avant-garde horror supernaturaleng-sub1080p 720p
February 12, 2022Ryman’s Clubsports work-lifeeng-sub1080p 720p
December 11, 2021How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdomaction fantasy harem magic military romanceeng-sub1080p
December 6, 2021Ganbare Douki-chancomedy ecchi romanceeng-sub1080p 844p
November 16, 2021Battle Game in 5 Secondsaction super-power supernaturaleng-sub1080p 720p
November 12, 2021BACK ARROWaction fantasy mechaeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
November 4, 2021ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGEcomedy music supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 28, 2021The World’s Finest Assassinaction fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
October 28, 2021Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitorycomedy ecchi harem romance shouneneng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 27, 2021The Duke of Death and His Maidcomedy drama romance supernaturaleng-sub1080p 720p 900p
October 26, 2021Fena – Pirate Princessaction adventureeng-sub1080p 720p
October 24, 2021Restaurant to Another World 2fantasy gourmet slice-of-lifeeng-sub720p
October 24, 2021Yashahime – Princess Half-Demon – The Second Actadventure comedy fantasy supernaturaleng-sub1080p 720p
October 19, 2021Love Live! Superstar!!music school slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 19, 2021Banished from the Hero’s Partyadventure fantasy slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p
October 13, 2021The Fruit of Evolution – Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Madeadventure fantasy romanceeng-sub1080p 720p
September 16, 2021Peach Boy Riversidefantasy shouneneng-sub1080p 720p
July 18, 2021Kageki Shojo!!drama school shoujoeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
July 17, 2021Remake Our Life!drama romance slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
July 16, 2021Bottom-Tier Character Tomozakidrama romance schooleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
July 13, 2021Yamishibai – Japanese Ghost Stories 9dementia horror supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
July 9, 2021Drugstore in Another Worldcomedy fantasyeng-sub1080p
July 8, 2021TSUKIMICHI – Moonlit Fantasyadventure fantasyeng-sub1080p 720p
July 8, 2021Spirit Chroniclesaction adventure drama fantasy harem romanceeng-sub1080p
July 8, 2021Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Scomedy fantasy slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 720p
July 7, 2021The Honor at Magic High Schoolfantasy magic sci-fieng-sub1080p 720p
July 4, 2021Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Songmusic sci-fieng-sub1080p 480p 720p
July 3, 2021So I’m a Spider, So Whatadventure comedy fantasyeng-sub480p 720p
July 1, 2021Osamake – Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Losecomedy harem romance schooleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 30, 2021Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – Mini Dragoncomedyeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 30, 2021The Seven Deadly Sins – Dragon’s Judgementaction adventure fantasy magic shounen supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 29, 2021MARS REDaction historical military supernatural vampireeng-sub720p
June 29, 2021After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runawaydrama romanceeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 28, 2021Moriarty the Patriot Part 2historical mystery psychological shounen thrillereng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 28, 2021Farewell, My Dear Crammerdrama shounen sportseng-sub1080p 480p
June 28, 2021Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatorocomedy romance slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 28, 2021Pretty Boy Detective Clubmystery schooleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 28, 2021The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotentfantasy magic romance slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 27, 2021Skate Leading Starssportseng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 27, 2021I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Levelcomedy fantasyeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 27, 2021Case Closedadventure comedy mystery police shouneneng-sub480p 720p
June 27, 2021Those Snow White Notesdrama music school shounen slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 26, 2021The World Ends with Youaction adventureeng-sub1080p
June 25, 2021Super Cubschool slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p
June 25, 2021Backflip!!sportseng-sub1080p 480p
June 24, 2021Kiyo in Kyoto From the Maiko Housecomedy shounen slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 24, 2021The Slime Diariescomedy fantasy shounen slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 24, 2021Godzilla Singular Pointactioneng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 22, 2021Let’s Make a Mug Tooslice-of-lifeeng-sub720p
June 21, 2021Dragon Goes House-Huntingcomedy fantasy shouneneng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 21, 2021Horimiyacomedy romance school shounen slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p
June 19, 2021The Quintessential Quintuplets Second Seasoncomedy harem romance school shouneneng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 19, 2021Burning Kabaddisportseng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 19, 2021When They Cry – Goudementia horror mystery psychological supernatural thrillersub-and-eng-dub eng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 17, 2021Cells at Work! Season 2comedy shouneneng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 16, 2021Joran The Princess of Snow and Bloodaction historical supernaturaleng-sub480p 720p
June 15, 2021It’s Too Sick to Call this Lovecomedy romanceeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 11, 2021Wonder Egg Priorityslice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 7, 2021Link Clickdrama fantasy super-powereng-sub1080p 480p 720p
June 4, 2021SK8 the Infinitysportseng-sub480p 720p
June 3, 2021Cells at Work! CODE BLACKaction seineneng-sub480p 720p
May 16, 2021Kaguya-sama – Love is War Season 2comedy psychological romance school seineneng-sub1080p 480p 720p
March 25, 2021Laid-Back Camp Second Seasoncomedy slice-of-life
March 23, 2021Azur Lane – Slow Aheadcomedy military sci-fi slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
March 14, 2021World Trigger Season 2action school sci-fi shounen supernaturaleng-sub480p 720p
March 13, 2021Yashahime – Princess Half-Demonaction adventure comedy demons fantasy historical magic supernaturaleng-sub480p
March 13, 2021The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enteraction adventure ecchi fantasy haremeng-sub480p
March 11, 2021Umamusume – Pretty Derby Season 2comedy slice-of-life sportseng-sub480p 720p
February 27, 2021Case Closed – Batchadventure comedy mystery police shounen
February 22, 2021Vlad Lovecomedy school supernatural vampireeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
February 22, 2021Yamishibai – Japanese Ghost Stories 8dementia horror supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
February 18, 2021The aquatope on white sandslice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p
February 1, 2021Assault Lily BOUQUETaction fantasy magiceng-sub1080p 480p
January 1, 2021One Piece – Batchaction adventure comedy drama fantasy shounen super-powersub-and-eng-dub eng-sub1080p 480p 720p
December 16, 2020Pokemon Journeysaction adventure comedy fantasy kids
October 21, 2020With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is Funcomedy slice-of-lifeeng-sub720p
October 10, 2020Is the Order a Rabbit BLOOMcomedy slice-of-lifeeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 6, 2020Golden Kamuy 3action adventure historical seineneng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 6, 2020Talentless Nanapsychological shounen supernatural thrillereng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 6, 2020By the Grace of the Godsadventure fantasy slice-of-lifeeng-sub720p
October 5, 2020Moriarty the Patriothistorical mystery psychological shouneneng-sub1080p 480p
October 4, 2020The Irregular at Magic High School – Visitor Arcaction magic romance school sci-fi supernaturaleng-sub480p
October 2, 2020Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castlecomedy fantasy magic shounen slice-of-life supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
October 1, 2020Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Clubmusic school slice-of-lifeeng-sub480p
October 1, 2020Dragon Quest – The Adventure of Daiaction adventure fantasy shouneneng-sub480p 720p
October 1, 2020Taiso Samuraisportseng-sub1080p 480p 720p
September 29, 2020Warlords of Sigrdrifaaction militaryeng-sub480p 720p
September 14, 2020Sore dake ga Neckmysteryeng-sub480p
July 10, 2020SUPER HXEROSaction comedy ecchi school shounen supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
April 10, 2020The Millionaire Detective – BALANCE UNLIMITEDmysteryeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
April 8, 2020Major 2nd Season 2comedy drama shounen sportseng-sub480p 720p
April 8, 2020Shachibato! President, It’s Time for Battle!action adventure fantasyeng-sub480p 720p
April 8, 2020The 8th Son Are You Kidding Meaction fantasyeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
April 5, 2020Listenersmusic sci-fieng-sub480p
January 27, 2020Infinite Dendrogramfantasy gameeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
January 24, 2020Hatena Illusioncomedy ecchi romance supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
January 24, 2020Sorcerous Stabber Orphenaction adventure drama fantasy magic martial-artseng-sub480p 720p
January 23, 2020Isekai Quartet S2comedy fantasy parodyeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
January 15, 2020A Destructive God Sits Next to Mecomedy josei school slice-of-lifeeng-sub480p 720p
January 11, 2020Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove Itcomedy romanceeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
January 9, 2020Seton Academy Join the Packcomedy schooleng-sub480p 720p
January 8, 2020petmystery psychological seinen supernaturaleng-sub1080p 480p 720p
December 29, 2019Case File nº221 – Kabukichocomedy drama mysteryeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
December 14, 2019RADIANT Season 2action adventure fantasy magiceng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019ORESUKI – Are you the only one who loves mecomedy romance schooleng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019Sounds of Life Season 2drama music romance school shounensub-and-eng-dub eng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another Worldfantasyeng-sub480p 720p
December 14, 2019Chihayafuru 3drama game josei school slice-of-life sportseng-sub1080p 480p 720p
December 14, 2019ASSASSINS PRIDEfantasyeng-sub1080p 480p 720p
December 14, 2019Ace of Diamond Act IIcomedy school shounen sportseng-sub480p 720p