All About The Recently Added Login System

How you doin’ pirates!

It seems we haven’t actually given an explanation for why logins became mandatory for downloading anime, so here it is.

Basically what happened is that too many links were being taken down too fast. It was not a fun time for the link-fixing team. By introducing this login system, there is a chance that the link takedowns may decrease. We don’t know. We’ll see in a few months. Hopefully, it helps.

Until then, the login system is here to stay, maybe even indefinitely.

All things considered, it’s not that bothersome. You don’t need email verification, you don’t even need an actual email! Though if you do put in an invalid email, we won’t able to do anything if something goes wrong. I mean Gmail is free, why even use a fake email?

On the login page itself, there will be no pop-up ads. We know they’re very annoying, and since this login system is an arbitration, all related pages are now pop-up free! Yaaaayyyy! That means the registration and password reset pages are also pop-up free. Enjoy that while it lasts(*wink*).

There is a firewall in place for obvious reasons. It only locks people out for ten minutes, so it’s not that bad, but still… It’s there. It only acts if someone inputs the wrong username or password too many times or tries to use a Kaizoku staff username. Be good pirates and don’t do those things.

That’s all, for now, folks, you may go back to your regular piracy schedules!

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