Baccano 480p BD Dual Audio

baccano1 - Baccano 480p BD Dual Audio
Baccano 480p BD Dual Audio

Baccano 480p BD Dual Audio

In Baccano, During the early 1930s in Chicago, the transcontinental train, Flying Pussyfoot, is starting its legendary journey that will leave a trail of blood all over the country. At the same time in New York, the ambitious scientist Szilard and his unwilling aide Ennis are looking for missing bottles of the immortality elixir. In addition, a war between the mafia groups is getting worse. On board the Advena Avis, in 1711, alchemists are about to learn the price of immortality.

Based on the award-winning light novels of the same name, Baccano! follows several events that initially seem unrelated, both in time and place, but are part of a much bigger story—one of alchemy, survival and immortality. Merging these events together are the kindhearted would-be thieves, Isaac and Miria, connecting various people, all of them with their own hidden ambitions and agendas, and creating lifelong bonds and consequences for everyone involved.


  • Type: TV
  • Episodes: 13
  • Status: Finished Airing
  • Aired: Jul 27, 2007 to Nov 2, 2007
  • Premiered: Summer 2007
  • Broadcast: Fridays at 00:30 (JST)
  • Producers: Aniplex, Sakura Create,Happinet Pictures
  • Licensors: FUNimation Entertainment,Aniplex of America
  • Studios: Brain’s Base
  • Source: Light novel
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Historical, Mystery, Seinen
  • Duration: 24 min. per ep.
  • Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)


Baccano is based on Ryohgo Narita’s award-winning light novels of the same title and mainly adapts the first 4 novels. While more faithful to the first 3 novels, the 4th novel (1932) is followed more loosely and is mostly an anime-exclusive story. In addition, content from later novels is briefly included in the anime as well. Unlike the novels however, which follow a mostly linear narrative per book, the anime adopts a non-linear storytelling style; the tale of each novel is told simultaneously with one another, with the focus jumping back and forth in time between and within the different plotlines.

Every so often an anime comes along that isn’t afraid to challenge the conventions by which a story is told. Too often, despite being noteworthy or groundbreaking, these shows can fail due to poor animation, lackluster characters, or a marked failure in plot development. In other words, they get so caught up in being unconventional that they sacrifice the other, more important aspects.
Thankfully, Baccano is not one of those.


baccano - Baccano 480p BD Dual Audio
Baccano 480p BD Dual Audio
Baccano maintains a very high standard of animation throughout its entirety. Brains Base made good use of color to heighten the effect of the more dramatic moments in the show. The animation quality is particularly noteworthy considering the fact that Brains Base is one of the smallest studios in the animating business. The fact that Brains Base managed to achieve a level of animation to match many of the larger studios and maintain that level of quality for the length the show, especially during the action sequences, is a credit to their effort and skill.


Baccano opens with the excellent (and very appropriate for the setting) track “Guns N’ Roses” by Paradise Lunch. The jazzy theme of the OP fits perfectly against the backdrop of 1930’s America, in which the majority of the show is set. This jazz themed music continues throughout the entirety of the show and adds a certain authentic flavor which is often lacking in other shows. The only true downside to the music is the ED, which is a stereotypical J-ballad. However, this is only a small detraction from the otherwise great music though and can easily be skipped over.
Another area where Baccano excelled was the voice acting. The talented VA’s for each role managed to breathe life and individuality into the large and diverse cast of characters. The most singular achievement of the voice actors is that each of the characters can be easily identified by voice alone, as each actor has brought a different timbre, a different nuance, sometimes even a different accent, to each role.


maxresdefault 5 - Baccano 480p BD Dual Audio
Baccano 480p BD Dual Audio
From the marvelously hilarious Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent to the psychopathic Ladd Russo, all the characters are very well designed and as unique as their voices. Isaac and Miria are without doubt the most memorable members of an excellent cast of characters. The duo effectively serve as a glue that holds the story together. They dance through the series’s multiple time lines like a giddy gyroscope on acid, occasionally colliding with one of the other cast members at random (usually by fluke).
There is one minor downside regarding the characters. Baccano is a 13 episode series, with a cast of approximately 12 main characters. Though they all receive a certain amount of development, some critics would argue that it is not enough. However, the quality of the overall show is of such a high value that any shortcomings in development had no impact on enjoyment.


The story in Baccano is very straightforward. Usually, it is the style of in which the story is told that receives the most attention. Baccano adopts a non-sequential storytelling style. While this may not be anything new (the TV broadcast of Haruhi and the movie Pulp Fiction did the same thing), it adds to the enjoyment by removing the need for the universally derided “down time” episodes. Baccano has multiple individual storylines, all of which intertwine into a larger story. At first, the events and characters may be confusing. But once you’re past the initial surprise of leaping feet first into the middle of the story, you find yourself immersed in an unusual, fast-paced and entertaining style of storytelling that whets your appetite for more.


Baccano contains a nice mixture of drama, action and comedy. This, coupled with some amazing characters and a good short story, makes Baccano one of the most enjoyable romps in recent years. The absurd, comedic moments serve as a perfect counterweight to the action and tension that builds throughout the show. Nothing is too dramatic or depressing, and both the humor and the violence aren’t forced. The most enjoyable thing about Baccano is that each character’s actions feel natural to that character and this comes across to the viewer in a big way.

Baccano is one of the rarest types of anime as it successfully merges comedy, suspense, action and even a little romance, without sacrificing animation or sound quality. It is a gem that will appeal to fans of many different genres and it is one of the few animes that can be watched again and again without suffering any loss of enjoyment.

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