Dragon Ball : Red Ribbon Army Saga 480p BD Dual Audio

Goku goes on a journey to find his Grandpa Gohan’s four-star Dragon Ball. First, he helps Nam (the skilled fighter who went to the tournament to use the prize money to buy water for his village but was defeated by Goku in the Semi-Final rounds). He finds out what has happened to the roaming lake. They eventually find an oasis that the villagers can use to resolve the issue. After that episode, the action kicks in as Emperor Pilaf and his two cronies Shu and Mai are now searching for the Dragon Balls once again (and are now using Pilaf’s Flying Fortress as their new base, since Goku has destroyed Pilaf’s Castle when he transformed into a Great Ape). However, a mysterious military force known as the Red Ribbon Army is also looking for the Dragon Balls

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