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Asobi Asobase

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During recess, Olivia, a foreign transfer student who doesn't know English, plays a game of "look-the-other-way" with Hanako Honda, a loud-mouthed airhead. Their rowdy behavior spurs the ire of Kasumi Nomura, a deadpan loner constantly teased by her older sister for her tendency to lose games. Not willing to compete, Kasumi declines Olivia's offer to join the fun, but eventually gets involved anyway and dispenses her own brand of mischief. Soon, a strange friendship blossoms between the peculiar trio, and they decide to form the "Pastime Club," where they are free to resume their daily hijinks. Whether it be failing to learn English, trying desperately to become popular, or getting caught by teachers at the wrong time, school life will never be boring when the girls of Asobi Asobase are up to their hilarious antics.

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English: Asobi Asobase: Workshop Of Fun
Japanese: あそびあそばせ
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 8, 2018 to Sep 23, 2018
Premiered: Summer 2018
Broadcast: Sundays at 21:00 (JST)
Producers: Hakusensha, AT-X, Sony Music Communications, Kadokawa Media House, Kadokawa
Studios: Lerche
Source: Manga
Genres: Comedy, School
Duration: 23 min per ep
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 480p, 720p
Type: Eng Sub


Seiji Kishi – Director
Satoki Iida – Sound Director
Hina Kino – Theme Song Performance
Konomi Kohara – Theme Song Performance
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Theme Songs

OP1: “Three-Piece (スリピス)” by Hanako Honda (Hina Kino), Olivia (Rika Nagae), Kasumi Nomura (Konomi Kohara)
ED1: “Inkya Impulse (インキャインパルス)” by Hanako Honda (Hina Kino), Olivia (Rika Nagae), Kasumi Nomura (Konomi Kohara) feat. Ikepy & KSKN

Episode List

01: Equivalent Exchange | Cheap Thrills | Pleasure Seekers | The Kind Pervert
02: Killing Time | Friendship Game | The Witch Trials | Non-title Match
03: A Battle That Must Be Won | Puppets | Betting My Life
04: Lower Body Lasers | Pots and Kettles | Illegal Occupation | Butt Play
05: Devilish Taste | Loaded Questions | Maeda’s Curse | Sex Ed
06: Asterisk | Studying for Exams | A New Look | Spirited Combat, Again
07: Phantom Thieves: Pass Club | Woman of Terror | Weirdo Go | Boobie Tragedy
08: Gotta “Catch” ’em All! | Divine Revelation | The Evil Sugoroku
09: Troubles of a Fake Foreigner | A Dutchey Wife | Genetic Engineering
10: Heart Go Boing Boing | Hanako’s Trial of Shame | Secret of the Dong | Film Production
11: Goodbye, Student Council President | Oka-ken Witch Project | Face of Mass Destruction
12: Daniel | Bra Meeting | Fairy Tale Battle Royale | Paper Wars



Imagine if Nichijou and Pop Team Epic had a baby on crack. Never judge an anime by its cover.


Would drink a girl’s piss to see if I can trust them.


It quickly subverts any and all expectations, and instead delivers a zany and over the top meme filled trip.


A WataMote x Pop Team Epic lovechild, with 60% more Bob Team Epic faces.


I love the contrast between the OP and the ED. This anime is nuts 🤣


Very funny, with some clever meta-gags, but also exhausting to watch.


Best shogi anime I’ve ever seen 😉


    Loli Killer

    Nep Nep
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