Attack on Titan Season 2

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2

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For centuries, humanity has been hunted by giant, mysterious predators known as the Titans. Three mighty walls—Wall Maria, Rose, and Sheena—provided peace and protection for humanity for over a hundred years. That peace, however, was shattered when the Colossus Titan and Armored Titan appeared and destroyed the outermost wall, Wall Maria. Forced to retreat behind Wall Rose, humanity waited with bated breath for the Titans to reappear and destroy their safe haven once more. In Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2, Eren Yeager and others of the 104th Training Corps have just begun to become full members of the Survey Corps. As they ready themselves to face the Titans once again, their preparations are interrupted by the invasion of Wall Rose—but all is not as it seems as more mysteries are unraveled. As the Survey Corps races to save the wall, they uncover more about the invading Titans and the dark secrets of their own members.

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English: Attack on Titan Season 2
Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Season2
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 1, 2017 to Jun 17, 2017
Premiered: Spring 2017
Broadcast: Saturdays at 22:00 (JST)
Producers: Production I.G, Dentsu, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Pony Canyon, Kodansha, Techno Sound, Pony Canyon Enterprise
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Wit Studio
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Military, Mystery, Shounen, Super Power
Duration: 24 min per ep
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Resolution: 480p, 1080p, 720p
Type: Dual Audio, BD


Jouji Wada – Producer
Shuuhei Yabuta – Producer
Tetsurou Araki – Director, Episode Director
Masashi Koizuka – Director, Storyboard
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Theme Songs

OP1: “Shinzou wo Sasageyo! (心臓を捧げよ!)” by Linked Horizon
ED1: “Yuugure no Tori (夕暮れの鳥)” by Shinsei Kamattechan

Episode List

01: Beast Titan
02: I’m Home
03: Southwestward
04: Soldier
05: Historia
06: Warrior
07: Close Combat
08: The Hunters
09: Opening
10: Children
11: Charge
12: Scream



Hype. The shorter season actually made the show feel more compact and not drag on like the first season did a bit. Watch if you liked S1.


gorilla titan has a nice a s s


Enjoyed this even more then the first season, taking what I loved or enjoyed and making it even better.


“Yea uhm so here’s the thing, me and tall guy here are the Titans that killed your families, but do you wanna come chill or something fam?”


kshkshfkdhndjfbsjbfkf! I love it!


One of the biggest plot twists in anime probably. I recommend the whole series for sure


Watched every episode the day they came out. Love the concept and the suspense.



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