Boruto – Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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Following the successful end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Konohagakure has been enjoying a period of peace, prosperity, and extraordinary technological advancement. This is all due to the efforts of the Allied Shinobi Forces and the village's Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. Now resembling a modern metropolis, Konohagakure has changed, particularly the life of a shinobi. Under the watchful eye of Naruto and his old comrades, a new generation of shinobi has stepped up to learn the ways of the ninja. Boruto Uzumaki is often the center of attention as the son of the Seventh Hokage. Despite having inherited Naruto's boisterous and stubborn demeanor, Boruto is considered a prodigy and is able to unleash his potential with the help of supportive friends and family. Unfortunately, this has only worsened his arrogance and his desire to surpass Naruto which, along with his father's busy lifestyle, has strained their relationship. However, a sinister force brewing within the village may threaten Boruto's carefree life. New friends and familiar faces join Boruto as a new story begins in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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English: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Type: TV
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2017
Premiered: Spring 2017
Broadcast: Sundays at 17:30 (JST)
Producers: Shueisha, Rakuonsha, Aniplex, TV Tokyo
Licensors: VIZ Media
Studios: Studio Pierrot
Source: Manga
Genres: Adventure, Action
Duration: 23 min
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080p
Type: BD, Eng Sub, Dual Audio

Encoder's Notes

Latest episodes are subbed only. BD batches are duals.

These are USBD encodes with Sings and Songs tracks taken from the BD and Full Subtitles from Crunchyroll. Additionally, the first 32 episodes have Himawari fansubs.

2023 Update:

I totally forgot this series exists and all of a sudden I hear that it’s over. Okay. So I batched up the remaining episodes, and yes, i’m just gonna put 50 in one batch.

BD encodes for the rest of the series? At the moment there are 210 episodes on blu-ray and we have encoded till 155. I think I’m gonna wait for some more episodes to come out.


jdcox215 for USBDs, Himawari fansubs, SubsPlease


Noriyuki Abe – Director
Tatsurou Kawano – Director, Key Animation
Hiroyuki Yamashita – Director, Episode Director, Storyboard
Yasushi Nagura – Sound Director
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Theme Songs

OP1: #1: “Baton Road (バトンロード)” by KANA-BOON (eps 1-26)
OP2: #2: “OVER” by Little Glee Monster (eps 27-51)
OP3: #3: “It’s all in the game” by Qyoto (eps 52-75)
OP4: #4: “Lonely Go!” by Brian the Sun (eps 76-100)
OP5: #5: “Golden Time” by Fujifabric (eps 101-126)
OP6: #6: “Teenage Dream (ティーンエイジドリーム)” by miwa (eps 127-150)
OP7: #7: “Hajimatteiku Takamatteiku (はじまっていく たかまっていく)” by Sambomaster (eps 151-180)
OP8: #8: “BAKU” by ikimonogakari (いきものがかり) (eps 181-205)
OP9: #9: “Gamushara (我武者羅)” by CHiCO with HoneyWoks (eps 206-???)
ED1: #01: “Dreamy Journey (ドリーミージャーニー)” by the peggies (eps 1-13)
ED2: #02: “Sayonara Moon Town (サヨナラムーンタウン)” by Scenarioart (eps 14-26)
ED3: #03: “Boku wa Hashiritsuzukeru (僕は走り続ける)” by Melofloat (メロフロート) (eps 27-39)
ED4: #04: “Denshin Tamashii (デンシンタマシイ)” by Game Jikkyousha Wakuwaku Band (ゲーム実況者わくわくバンド) (eps 40-51)
ED5: #05: “Kachou Fuugetsu (花鳥風月)” by Coala Mode. (eps 52-63)
ED6: #06: “Leica (ライカ)” by Bird Bear Hare and Fish (eps 64-75)
ED7: #07: “Polaris (ポラリス)” by hitorie (eps 76-87)
ED8: #08: “Tsuyogari Loser” by ЯeaL (eps 88-100)
ED9: #09: “Ride or Die” by Sky Peace (eps 101-113)
ED10: #10: “Mikansei na Hikari-tachi (未完成な光たち)” by Haruka Fukuhara (福原遥) (eps 114-126)
ED11: #11: “Wish on” by LONGMAN (eps 127-138)
ED12: #12: “Fireworks” by FlowBack (eps 139-150)
ED13: #13: “Maybe I” by Seven Billion Dots (eps 151-167)
ED14: #14: “Central (セントラル)” by Ami Sakaguchi (坂口有望) (eps 168-180)
ED15: #15: “Answers” by mol-74 (eps 181-192)
ED16: #16: “Kimi ga Ita Shirushi (キミがいたしる)” by halca (eps 193-205)
ED17: #17: “Who are you?” by PELICAN FANCLUB (eps 206-???)


why am i even watching this?


Expands on the same ninja world as Naruto but I’ve enjoyed seeing the old characters as adults & how their children take after each parent.


It may not be the best show but it makes me so happy to watch


Its Naruto but with the children. Its actually kind of heartwarming to see the characters I grew up with become parents.


The sequel/spin-off to “Boruto’s Dad”, is a well animated show that learns from its predecessor mistakes but still has a long way.


Daddy Issues – The Anime


Terrible sequel. The new characters are either bland, annoying or copies of their parents. Most of the arcs are super boring.



    I make bad encodes and whine about subs and if I'm feeling particularly memey, I make bad subs too!