Demon King Daimao

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

MyAnimeList - 7.06
Anilist - 6.5
Kitsu - 6.95


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Dreaming of changing the world for good, Akuto Sai transfers to Constant Magic Academy where he befriends a virtuous ninja clan member, Junko Hattori. On the way to the academy, they vow to make the world a better place together; however, the situation suddenly takes a turn for the worse upon his arrival—it is prophesied that he will become the Demon King! As word of his destiny spreads, the school begins to fear him, and Junko's trust in him falters. While Akuto is determined to not let his predicted future control his fate, it seems as though everything he says and does only serve to reinforce the fact that he is destined to be the Demon King. Moreover, he is surrounded by a harem of beautiful girls who each have their own plans for him, ranging from bringing him to justice to simply showering him with love. With his newly awakened powers, Akuto must cope with his constantly growing list of misfortune and fight to prove that his fate is not set in stone.

User Rating: 3.42 ( 6 votes)


English: Demon King Daimao
Japanese: いちばんうしろの大魔王
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 3, 2010 to Jun 19, 2010
Premiered: Spring 2010
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Marvelous, Hobby Japan, Delfi Sound
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Artland
Source: Light novel
Genres: Action, Harem, Comedy, Magic, Ecchi, Fantasy, School
Duration: 23 min per ep
Rating: R+ – Mild Nudity
Resolution: 480p, 720p
Type: BD, Eng Sub


Takashi Watanabe – Director, Storyboard
Satoshi Motoyama – Sound Director
Masaomi Andou – Episode Director
Masato Jinbo – Episode Director, Storyboard
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Theme Songs

ED1: “Everyday sunshine line!” by Natsuko Aso

Episode List

01: The Demon King Is Born!
02: Strange Surveillance Agent
03: A Slightly Intimidating Senior
04: An Isolation Cell Is Fun?
05: Caution! Underground Labyrinth
06: Let’s Go to the Beach School!
07: The Legendary Hero Emerges!
08: Eyeing Her Over?
09: Crazy Fuss About an Arranged Marriage
10: Akuto’s Great Capital War
11: The Girls’ Final Battle
12: The Perfect Ending?


I think I finished it because I feel asleep and auto play just kept it going.


It’s an ecchi harem that does nothing with its premise. Fanservice is more important than plot and characters apparently.


If you have seen any other fanservice harem anime, you could probably skip this one.


Entertaining but leaves you pretty disappointed in the end.


really shitty and bad plot


It Was Ok Would Not recommend


One of the most absolutely terrible shows I’ve watched. I don’t think there’s an anime I love more than I hate this.



    I make bad encodes and whine about subs and if I'm feeling particularly memey, I make bad subs too!