Eyeshield 21

Eyeshield 21

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Sena is like any other shy kid starting high school; he's just trying to survive. Constantly bullied, he's accustomed to running away. Surviving high school is about to become a lot more difficult after Hiruma, captain of the school's American football team, witnesses Sena's incredible agility and speed during an escape from some bullies. Hiruma schemes to make Sena the running back of his school team, The Devil Bats, hoping that it will turn around the squad's fortunes from being the laughingstock of Japan's high school leagues, to title contender. To protect his precious star player from rivaling recruiters, he enlists Sena as "team secretary," giving him a visored helmet and the nickname "Eyeshield 21" to hide his identity. The Devilbats will look to make their way to the Christmas Bowl, an annual tournament attended by the best football teams in Japan, with "Eyeshield 21" leading the way. Will they be able to win the Christmas Bowl? Will Sena be able to transform from a timid, undersized freshman to an all-star player? Put on your pads and helmet to find out!

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Japanese: アイシールド21
Type: TV
Episodes: 145
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2005 to Mar 19, 2008
Premiered: Spring 2005
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: TV Tokyo, Nihon Ad Systems, TV Tokyo Music, Shueisha
Licensors: Viz Media, Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Gallop
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Sports, Comedy, Shounen
Duration: 23 min per ep
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 480p
Type: Eng Sub


Masanori Miyake – Producer
Masayoshi Nishita – Director, Episode Director, Storyboard, Key Animation
Akihiro Izumi – Episode Director
Toshiaki Kanbara – Episode Director
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Theme Songs

OP1: “Breakthrough” by Coming Century (eps 1-35)
OP2: “Innocence” by 20th Century (ep 36- 64)
OP3: “Dang Dang” by ZZ (eps 65-103)
OP4: “BLAZE LINE” by BACK-ON (ep 104-126)
OP5: “Hanno no Runningback” by SHORT LEG SUMMER (eps 127-145)
ED1: “Be Free” by Rikken’z (eps 1-13)
ED2: “Blaze Away” by TRAX (eps 14-35)
ED3: “Goal” by Arashiro Beni (eps 36-64)
ED4: “Run to Win” by Mamori (Aya Hirano), Sena (Miyu Irino), Kurita (Koichi Nagano), Rimon (Kappei Yamaguchi) (eps 65 – 100)
ED5: “A day dreaming…” by BACK-ON (eps 101-116)
ED6: “Flower” by BACK-ON (eps 117-126)
ED7: “Song of Power” by SHORT LEG SUMMER (eps 127-144)
ED8: “Dang Dang” by ZZ (ep 145)

Episode List

01: The Man with the Lightspeed Legs!
02: Let’s Play Football!
03: Blaze a Path Down the Field!
04: What I Hold In My Hands!
05: Half-Second Bodyguards!
06: The Pierce of the Spear Tackle!
07: Fighting to Win!
08: Never Quit!
09: The Catching Master!
10: A Hero’s Qualifications!
11: Oath Under the Setting Sun
12: Max Catch!
13: The Terror of the Chameleon!
14: The Scorching Hell Tower
15: Find Eyeshield!
16: Farewell Kurita?!
17: The Kid & Iron Horse
18: A Slacker’s Pride
19: The Lower Class Laughs at its Challengers
20: The Sphinx’s Secret Weapon
21: Fly, Devil Bat!
22: A Mysterious Girl Appears!
23: The Weightless Man!
24: Blitz! Japan vs. USA!
25: The Caged Black Panther!
26: A Real Beast!
27: Take Back Cerberus!
28: American Football Downtown!
29: Ultimate Combo! The Devil Gunmen!
30: At the Gates of Hell!
31: Minds Made Up!
32: Quitters?
33: OH! My Sister!
34: Signs of a Ghost!
35: A Solitary Death March!
36: The Final Trial!
37: The Distant Peak
38: The New Starting Lineup?!
39: The Road to the Christmas Bowl!
40: The Night Before the Game!
41: The Ace’s Missing?!
42: The Devil Bat Ghost!
43: The Legendary 60-Yard Magnum
44: A ha ha! My Debut!
45: The Ghost is Sealed?!
46: The Ghost vs. The Spear!
47: Hot! Guts! Fire!
48: A Battle of Effort, Fortitude, and Will!
49: The Refined Spirit of a Lineman!
50: The Courage to Stand Firm!
51: Danger! The Lethal Chameleon
52: Clash! Chameleon vs Poseidon
53: Fear of the Poisonous Scorpion!
54: The Control Tower which Disappeared
55: Wall of the Physique Difference
56: Our Small Contract!
57: The Man Who Knows 21
58: Devil vs Sea God
59: Back Ace Man
60: Promise on the Field!
61: Determination to Win!
62: Terror! Moby Dick Anchor
63: Offense and Defence 30 cm!!
64: The Man Possessing Speed of Light Appears!?
65: Deimon High School Sports Meet!!
66: Sprinter Sena!?
67: Promise of the Three
68: Fastest Proof
69: Field of Desperation
70: Musashi is here
71: The Devil’s Counterattack
72: Pride of Speed of Light
73: Fated Kick
74: A Pact Between Rivals
75: Spider’s Threat
76: Come Back! Musashi!
77: The Real “21”
78: The One That Waits Previously
79: Sena Kobayakawa
80: The Strongest Kick Team
81: The Truth of Red Pupil
82: Run! Musashi!
83: Time That Began to Move
84: The Devil in the Storm
85: The Man Who is Loved by God
86: Time Up of the Light and Shadow
87: The Strongest Soldiers in Tokyo!!
88: Deimon’s Halftime Show
89: Opening! Cream Puff Cup!!
90: Brand New Trial
91: Fighting Spirit! Death Climb
92: 3 Brothers Of Texas Ranch
93: Yell Of Friendship
94: Secret Weapon In Silverly White
95: Break down the Wall of Blizzard
96: Now! To the Kanto Meet!
97: Farewell, Onihei
98: Chameleon’s Counterattack!
99: Deimon High School Festival!!
100: The Invisible Lock


I can’t decide whether this or Super Bowl 50 was more disappointing.


One of the classical sports anime that taught me to grind as a kid


“Fucking good” ! Eyeshield 21 is the story of a short man. He is become a greatest player thanks to his efforts. BUTSUBAS YA-HA !


A good american football anime (of which there aren’t many..) that sadly feels incredibly rushed towards the end.




Unexpectedly good, has very memorable characters…


Overrated and crappy. Good for those with nostalgia. Don’t waste your time with this one

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