What is this site about?

About download anime,games, ost’s,wallpapers and to engage in a community over anime fandom.

Who are we?


What are Libraries or DDL ?

DDL = Direct Download and it means you download directly from a high speed server.

Access to these are only given to those who have contributed to support the cause.

You can find more about libraries in the forum at http://myanime.space

What language are the anime series in?

We do Anime in whatever you request,mostly they are Eng Subs, Eng Dubs and Dual Audio’s.


Why is there some anime I can’t download here?

TF, which one? there isnt something we keep to ourselves, unless its DMCA’ed and we dont have a backup.

What about Torrents?

We post some time to time here and there

Why should I donate?

There is no why, its totally up to you to support keeping the site alive,atm we are pulling through with popads or such(we hate those tho tbh), but the file or encoding servers are free of cost.

You can help us sustain stuff for You and build the community side by side

How do I donate?

You can donate via PpayPal, Ppatreon, Paytm(asked from forum), Payza (asked from forum). There isnt any min amount or any max, its all about joining the band wagon.

I just donated,what now?

We would suggest joining the forum at MyAnime.space (if not already) and messaging the admin(s) or making a thread in the support section,we will upgrade your forum account to donator access (Celestial Dragon) and will contact you for your Library logins

What if something I want is not availabe?
Drop a request here Anime Encodes Request 


My Anime is not updated!!! *panics*

Sometimes, the encoder might be busy or lost on the path of life, in that case its your job to drop a comment to guide the encoder’s attention back to the post.


I am having trouble with an encode!!! *panics*

No need to panic, try updating your media player to the latest version, if you still have a problem, the forum is open 24×7 or you can comment on the post itself, asking for assistance.

Can I use a download manager?


Can I search by Genre?



Can i do a backflip?


What is the forum?

The forum at myanime.space is a separate community that supports clean anime discussions, moreover we also take requests ONLY from the forum.

How much do i donate?

Whatever the site is worth to you.

I need help with something else! *panics*

Don’t panic, find us at the forum here. or reach us via Telegram, or other social media, or email us directly at animekaizokux [at] gmail . com