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The Amanto, aliens from outer space, have invaded Earth and taken over feudal Japan. As a result, a prohibition on swords has been established, and the samurai of Japan are treated with disregard as a consequence. However one man, Gintoki Sakata, still possesses the heart of the samurai, although from his love of sweets and work as a yorozuya, one might not expect it. Accompanying him in his jack-of-all-trades line of work are Shinpachi Shimura, a boy with glasses and a strong heart, Kagura with her umbrella and seemingly bottomless stomach, as well as Sadaharu, their oversized pet dog. Of course, these odd jobs are not always simple, as they frequently have run-ins with the police, ragtag rebels, and assassins, oftentimes leading to humorous but unfortunate consequences. Who said life as an errand boy was easy?

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English: Gintama
Japanese: 銀魂
Type: TV
Episodes: 201
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2006 to Mar 25, 2010
Premiered: Spring 2006
Broadcast: Thursdays at 18:00 (JST)
Producers: TV Tokyo, Aniplex, Dentsu, Trinity Sound, Audio Highs, Miracle Robo, Shueisha
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks, Crunchyroll
Studios: Sunrise
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Comedy, Historical, Parody, Samurai, Sci-Fi, Shounen
Duration: 24 min per ep
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 480p
Type: Eng Sub


Shinji Takamatsu – Co-Director, Director, Storyboard, Animation Director
Noriko Kobayashi – Producer
Yoichi Fujita – Director, Episode Director, Storyboard, Assistant Director
Katsuyoshi Kobayashi – Sound Director
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Theme Songs

OP1: “Pray” by Tommy heavenly6 (eps 1-24)
OP2: “Tooi Nioi (遠い匂い)” by YO-KING (eps 25-49)
OP3: “Giniro no Sora (銀色の空)” by redballoon (eps 50-75)
OP4: “Kasanaru Kage (かさなる影)” by Hearts Grow (eps 76-99)
OP5: “DONTEN (曇天)” by DOES (eps 100-125)
OP6: “Anata MAGIC (アナタMAGIC)” by monobright (eps 126-150)
OP7: “Stairway Generation” by Base Ball Bear (eps 151-176)
OP8: “Light Infection” by Prague (eps 177-201)#R1: “Bakuchi Dancer (バクチ・ダンサー)” by DOES (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 1-9)#R2: “Kaze no Gotoku (風のごとく)” by Inoue Joe (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 10-26)#R3: “Kanousei Girl (可能性ガール)” by Chiaki Kuriyama (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 27-39)#R4: “Katoniago (カートニアゴ )” by FLiP (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 40-51)
ED1: “Fuusen Gum” by Captain Straydum (eps 1-13)
ED2: “MR.RAINDROP” by amplified (eps 14-24)
ED3: “Yuki no Tsubasa” by redballoon (eps 25-37)
ED4: “Candy Line” by Hitomi Takahashi (eps 38-49)
ED5: “Shura” by DOES (eps 50-62)
ED6: “Kiseki” by Snowkel (eps 63-75)
ED7: “SIGNAL” by KELUN (eps 76-87)
ED8: “Speed of Flow” by The Rodeo Carburettor (eps 88-99)
ED9: “Sanagi” by POSSIBILITY (eps 100-112)
ED10: “This World is yours” by plingmin (eps 113-125)
ED11: “Ai, Ai, Ai” by GHOSTNOTE (eps 126-138)
ED12: “Kagayaita” by SHIGI (eps 139-150)
ED13: “Asa Answer” by PENGIN (eps 151-163)
ED14: “Wo Ai Ni” by Hitomi Takahashi feat. Beat Crusaders (eps 164-176)
ED15: “Wonderful Days” by ONE☆DRAFT (eps 177-189)
ED16: “SAYONARA no Sora” by Qwai (eps 190-201)#R1: “Bokutachi no Kisetsu” by DOES (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 1-9)#R2: “Wave” by Vijandeux (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 10-26)#R3: “In My Life” by AZU (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 27-39)#R4: “Sakurane” by Piko (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 40-51)

Episode List

01: You Jerks! And You Claim To Have Gintama?! (part 1)
02: You Jerks! And You Claim To Have Gintama?! (part 2)
03: Nobody With Naturally Wavy Hair Can Be That Bad
04: Watch Out! Weekly Shonen JUMP Sometimes Comes Out On Saturdays!
05: Make Friends You Can Call By Their Nicknames, Even When You’re An Old Fart
06: Keep Your Promise Even If It Kills You
07: Responsible Owners Should Clean Up After Their Pets
08: There Is Butt A Fine Line Between Persistence And Stubbornness
09: Fighting Should Be Done With Fists
10: Eat Something Sour When You’re Tired
11: Look, Overly Sticky Sweet Dumplings Are Not Real Dumplings, You Idiot!
12: People Who Make Good First Impressions Usually Suck
13: If You’re Going To Cosplay, Go All Out
14: Boys Have A Weird Ritual That Makes Them Think They Turn Into Men When They Touch A Frog You Only Gotta Wash Under Your Armpits – Just The Armpits
15: Pets Resemble Their Owners
16: If You Stop And Think About It, Your Life’s A Lot Longer As An Old Guy Than A Kid! Whoa, Scary!
17: Sons Only Take After Their Fathers’ Negative Attributes
18: Oh, Yeah! Our Crib Is Number One!
19: Why Is The Sea So Salty? Because You City Folk Pee Whenever You Go Swimming!
20: Watch Out For Conveyor Belts!
21: If You’re A Man, Try The Swordfish! If You Go To Sleep With The Fan On You’ll Get A Stomachache, So Be Careful
22: Marriage Is Prolonging An Illusion For Your Whole Life
23: When You’re In A Fix, Keep On Laughing, Laughing…
24: Cute Faces Are Always Hiding Something
25: A Shared Soup Pot Is A Microcosm Of Life
26: Don’t Be Shy – Just Raise Your Hand And Say It
27: Some Things Can’t Be Cut With A Sword
28: Good Things Never Come In Twos (But Bad Things Do)
29: Don’t Panic – There’s A Return Policy! I Told You To Pay Attention To The News!
30: Even Teen Idols Act Like You Guys
31: You Always Remember The Things That Matter The Least
32: Life Moves On Like A Conveyor Belt
33: Mistaking Someone’s Name Is Rude!
34: Love Doesn’t Require A Manual
35: Love Doesn’t Require A Manual (Continued) You Can’t Judge A Person By His Appearance, Either
36: People With Dark Pasts Can’t Shut Up
37: People Who Say That Santa Doesn’t Really Exist Actually Want To Believe In Him Prayer Won’t Make Your Worldly Desires Go Away! Control Yourself
38: Only Children Play In The Snow Eating Ice Cream In Winter Is Awesome
39: Ramen Shops With Long Menus Never Do Well
40: Give A Thought To Planned Pregnancy
41: You Can’t Judge A Movie By Its Title
42: You Know What Happens If You Pee On A Worm
43: Make Characters So Anybody Can Tell Who They Are By Just Their Silhouettes Since It Ended A Bit Early, We’re Starting The Next One
44: Mom’s Busy, Too, So Quit Complaining About What’s For Dinner
45: Walk Your Dog At An Appropriate Speed
46: Adults Only. We Wouldn’t Want Anyone Immature In Here…
47: Do Cherries Come From Cherry Trees?
48: The More You’re Alike, The More You Fight Whatever You Play, Play To Win
49: A Life Without Gambling Is Like Sushi Without Wasabi
50: Pending Means Pending, It’s Not Final
51: Milk Should Be Served At Body Temperature
52: If You Want To See Someone, Make An Appo First
53: Stress Makes You Bald, But It’s Stressful To Avoid Stress, So You End Up Stressed Out Anyway, So In The End There’s Nothing You Can Do
54: Mothers Everywhere Are All The Same
55: Don’t Make Munching Noises When You Eat
56: Keep An Eye On The Chief For The Day
57: When Looking For Things You’ve Lost, Remember What You Were Doing On The Day You Lost It
58: Croquette Sandwiches Are Always The Most Popular Food Sold At The Stalls
59: Be Careful Not To Leave Your Umbrella Somewhere
60: The Sun Will Rise Again
61: On A Moonless Night, Insects Are Drawn To The Light
62: Even Mummy Hunters Sometimes Turn into Mummys
63: The Preview Section in JUMP is Always Unreliable
64: Eating Nmaibo Can Make You Full in No Time!
65: Rhinoceros Beetles Teach Boys that Life is Precious
66: Dango Over Flowers
67: For the Wind Is the Life
68: Like a Haunted House, Life is Filled with Horrors
69: Please Help by Separating Your Trash
70: Too Many Cuties Can Make You Sick
71: Some Data Cannot Be Erased
72: A Dog’s Paws Smell Fragrant Drive With A Might Attitude
73: Think For A Minute Now, Do Matsutake Mushrooms Really Taste All That Good?
74: The Manga Writer Becomes A Pro, After Doing A Stock Of Manuscripts
75: Don’t Complain About Your Job At Home, Do It Somewhere Else
76: In Those Situations, Keep Quiet And Cook Red Rice With Beans
77: Yesterday’s Enemy, After All Is Said And Done, Is Still The Enemy
78: People Who Are Picky About Food Are Also Picky About People, Too
79: Four Heads Are Better Than One
80: When Someone Who Wears Glasses Takes Them Off, It Looks Like Something’s Missing
81: A Woman’s Best Make Up Is Her Smile
82: You Don’t Stand In Line For The Ramen, You Stand In Line For The Self Satisfaction You Say Kawaii So Often, You Must Really Think You’re Cute Stuff
83: Rank Has Nothing To Do With Luck
84: Hard-Boiled Egg On A Man’s Heart
85: Hard-Boiled Eggs Don’t Crack
86: It’s Often Difficult To Sleep When You’re Engrossed With Counting Sheep
87: Perform A German Suplex On A Woman Who Asks If She Or The Job Is More Important
88: The Most Exciting Part Of A Group Date Is Before It Starts
89: What Happens Twice, Happens Thrice
90: The More Delicious The Food, The Nastier It Is When It Goes Bad
91: If You Want To Lose Weight, Then Stop Eating And Start Moving
92: Be A Person Who Can See People’s Strong Points And Not Their Weak Points
93: Even A Hero Has Issues
94: When Riding A Train, Make Sure You Grab The Straps With Both Hands
95: Men, Be A Madao
96: If You’re A Man, Don’t Give Up
97: Exaggerate The Tales Of Your Exploits By A Third, So Everyone Has A Good Time
Men Have A Weakness For Girls Who Sell Flowers And Work In Pastry Shops
98: Play Video Games For Only An Hour A Day
99: Life And Video Games Are Full Of Bugs
100: The More Something Is Disliked, The More Lovely It Is


A must watch for any fan of comedy anime


Parodies anything and everything in brilliant fashion. Diverse, original characters with superb voice acting. Extremely hit-or-miss comedy.


The start of it all, what an incredible series. Please check this out.


Random, funny, quirky most of the time, with a few boring or cringey parts that I’m willing to overlook.


Gintama is an enigma and an achievement – a kind of show that can transfer from tense, dramatic moments to juvenile poop jokes seamlessly.




first anime comedy show to make me laugh