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Kazuya Kujou is a foreign student at Saint Marguerite Academy, a luxurious boarding school in the Southern European country of Sauville. Originally from Japan, his jet-black hair and dark brown eyes cause his peers to shun him and give him the nickname "Black Reaper," based on a popular urban legend about the traveler who brings death in the spring. On a day like any other, Kujou visits the school's extravagant library in search of ghost stories. However, his focus soon changes as he becomes curious about a golden strand of hair on the stairs. The steps lead him to a large garden and a beautiful doll-like girl known as Victorique de Blois, whose complex and imaginative foresight allows her to predict their futures, now intertwined. With more mysteries quickly developing—including the appearance of a ghost ship and an alchemist with the power of transmutation—Victorique and Kujou, bound by fate and their unique skills, have no choice but to rely on each other.

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Japanese: GOSICK -ゴシック-
Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 8, 2011 to Jul 2, 2011
Premiered: Winter 2011
Broadcast: Saturdays at 01:23 (JST)
Producers: TV Tokyo, Kadokawa Shoten, KlockWorx, Memory-Tech, NTT Docomo
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Bones
Source: Light novel
Genres: Mystery, Historical, Drama, Romance
Duration: 24 min per ep
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Resolution: 720p
Type: Dual Audio, Eng Sub


Hitoshi Nanba – Director, Storyboard
Noboru Haraguchi – Sound Director
Mori Kunihiro – Episode Director
Tadahito Matsubayashi – Episode Director, Key Animation
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Theme Songs

OP1: “Destin Histoire” by yoshiki*lisa (吉木りさ)
ED1: “Resuscitated Hope” by Lisa Komine (eps 1-12)
ED2: “unity” by Lisa Komine (eps 13-24)

Episode List

01: The Dark Reaper Finds the Golden Fairy
02: The Souls of the Dead Raise a Shipwreck
03: The Hares Break a Promise Under the Morning Sun
04: The Golden Thread Cuts Through a Passing Moment
05: There’s a Mysterious Ghost in the Abandoned Storehouse
06: The Gray Wolves Summon Their Brethren
07: A Divine Revelation is Given at the Summer Solstice Festival
08: Howling Echoes from the Kingdom of the Past
09: Blue Roses Bloom in the Cannibal Department Store
10: Girl with a Cold Dreams of Her Stubborn Friend
11: That Drill Eloquently Speaks of Love
12: The Cicadas are Heard on Summer Afternoons
13: A Fool Designates His Own Spokesperson
14: A Malicious Frill Denounces a Farting Newt
15: Two Monsters Know Each Others’ Hearts
16: The Felling Maria Has the Head of a Fly
17: The Box Lies in the Spiral Labyrinth
18: The Jet-Black Train Carries Several Lies
19: The Rosy Life is Buried Under a New Snow
20: Guided by the Phantom of the Phantom
21: The Holy Night Bell Drives the Hour Onward
22: A Christmas Carol Hangs Happiness by the Window
23: Checkmate is Called on a Gray Chess Board
24: Eternity is Seen Over the Reaper’s Shoulder



Absolutely beautiful.


One of the most attractive mystery shows in Anime not because of it’s mysteries but because of how it encourages you to follow along in it.


I’m a huge mystery nerd, so I loved this. Some cute moments, some emotional moments, and lots of mysteries for the characters to solve.


Gothic = ゴシック = goshikku = Gosick. It’s a pretty good ~Victorian mystery series. Not a lot of substance but an entertaining watch for sure.


Very underrated. A bit of a weird ending but great nonetheless.


Makes me GO SICK. Starts off strong but quickly implodes as each successive episode of the final third of the show is worse than the last.


ho ho ho loli dedective is on the way


    Demon Alpha

    “When do you think people die? When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? No. When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? No. When they drink a soup made from a poisonous mushroom? No! It’s when… they are forgotten.” – Dr Hiruluk, One Piece

    Kumar Sama

    I like to drink cough syrup mixed with soap water, I have been charged for eve teasing twice and I have a restraining order. Praise kek