Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei

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Born from a cocoon in the village of Old Home, a young Haibane—a being with a halo and small gray wings—awakens to a world she does not understand without memories of her past. Named Rakka for the dream of falling she had while inside the cocoon, she soon becomes accustomed to life in the strange town. However, there are strict rules for the Haibane, such as being forbidden to leave the village or go near the walls surrounding it. These, along with mysterious disappearances of their kind on their "Day of Flight," begin to unsettle Rakka and the others since they know almost nothing about their own kind. Haibane Renmei tells not only Rakka's story but also of those around her, as they live their lives with no memories of the past while trying to break free from their former pain and ultimately find salvation.

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English: Haibane Renmei
Japanese: 灰羽連盟
Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 10, 2002 to Dec 19, 2002
Premiered: Fall 2002
Broadcast: Thursdays at 02:28 (JST)
Producers: Kadokawa Shoten, Fuji TV, Studio Tulip
Licensors: Funimation, Geneon Entertainment USA
Studios: Radix
Source: Other
Genres: Slice of Life, Mystery, Psychological, Drama, Fantasy
Duration: 24 min per ep
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 720p, 480p
Type: BD, Dual Audio


Shinichiro Inoue – Producer
Yasuyuki Ueda – Producer
Tomokazu Tokoro – Director, Key Animation
Satoshi Motoyama – Sound Director
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Theme Songs

OP1: “Free Bird” by Kou Otani
ED1: “Blue Flow” by Heart of Air

Episode List

01: Cocoon — Dream of Falling from the Sky — Old Home
02: Town and Wall — Toga — Haibane Renmei
03: Temple — The Communicator — Pancakes
04: Trash Day — Clock Tower — Birds Flying Over the Walls
05: Library — Abandoned Factory — Beginning of the World
06: End of Summer — Rain — Loss
07: Scar — Illness — Arrival of Winter
08: The Bird
09: Well — Rebirth — Riddle
10: Kuramori — Haibane of Abandoned Factory — Rakka’s Job
11: Parting — Darkness in the Heart — Irreplaceable Thing
12: Bell Nuts — Passing of the Year Festival — Reconciliation
13: Reki’s World — Prayer — Epilogue


Hued in a melancholic and languid atmosphere. Drips with beauty in its symbolism and mystery. Enchanting musical score. Bittersweet ending.


To die, to sleep –
To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub,
For in this sleep of death what dreams may come…


Haibane Renmei is soft, peaceful, and beautifully tragic. The world that is built is contemplative and gorgeous. It is an absolute classic.


A gentle and calming slice of life story with revelations that raise thought provoking questions.


Hauntingly peaceful setting for a story about curiosity and unknown things. Do you ask questions or just live? Are you alive?


I don’t know what this show means, but I will be happy thinking about it for the rest of my life.


There is more depth here than one my see at first glance. dive into deeper waters and discover a world of questions



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