How to Setup Icons on Your Anime Collection

How to set anime icons on folders?

A lot of peeps have asked me recently on how i did my anime icons on my folders, and if there is any way to batch process them, well that’s what i’ll cover here in this post.

This is a straight and detailed guide on how to make an impressive icon set for your desktop

What are icons ?

How to Setup Icons on Your Anime Collection
Example of icons

Icons are sweet little things that give more meaning to your folders and make them look attractive, enough said.

What is the difference between using my method and the default windows set-icon method?

When you set an icon by right clicking a folder > properties>customise > apply icon

It will set the icons with a straight path for the icon, so when you ever move the folder to another drive, or change drive letter, your icon will stop working.

With my method , your icons will stay there even if you move the folders somewhere else.

Required tools and Softwares

  • Winrar (5.0 or greater)   32-bit    64-bit
  • Attribute changer here
  • My custom ini file that we will use to attach icons here
  • Some time and a little patience (important)

Here is how it goes

You can follow the video tutorial here

Written tutorial will be out soon

I can set icons folders but they don’t show up if the folder is moved ,what to do ?

This is a windows bug, simply create another folder , then move your icon ready folder inside that folder, your icons will now show up.

Where do i download icons ?

Download Icons Pack Download Icons Pack 2

Meanwhile you can use my icon ready folders from this zip (it contains almost all common anime you might have)

Download Ready Made folders
  • Just extract the zip and use attribute changer to make all folders as system folders.
    Your icons will show up.
    If they don’t , please drop a comment and i will assist.

Keep checking back later for updates to this post.

Well that’s what i will cover for now but i might make a few additions over time on this post,

I know i have not covered everything here, so you are free to ask me questions in the comments below.


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