Izetta – The Last Witch

Shuumatsu no Izetta

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Kitsu - 6.67


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After Germania invaded a neighboring country in 1939, Europe spiraled into a devastating war. During the war, Germania set its sights on the weak alpine country of Elystadt. Boasting a far superior military and having achieved profuse success earlier in the war, it was expected that Germania would conquer Elystadt with ease. Matters are only made worse for the small country when Germanian soldiers capture their princess, Ortfiné "Finé" Fredericka von Eylstadt, as she is heading to a crucial meeting with Britannia. Yet, when a concurrent Germanian transport mission goes awry, Izetta, the last witch alive, escapes. When she recognizes Princess Finé from her childhood, Izetta rescues her from the Germanian soldiers by making use of her magical abilities. Now reunited with the princess, Izetta pledges to protect Elystadt from Germania, and with the last surviving witch on their arsenal, Elystadt hopes to turn the tides against the imperialist war giant.

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English: Izetta: The Last Witch
Japanese: 終末のイゼッタ
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 1, 2016 to Dec 17, 2016
Premiered: Fall 2016
Broadcast: Saturdays at 23:00 (JST)
Producers: Shochiku, AT-X, Asahi Production, flying DOG, Tokyo MX, i0+, Wargaming Japan, JTB Entertainment, RAY
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Ajia-Do
Source: Original
Genres: Action, Historical, Military
Duration: 25 min per ep
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Resolution: 480p
Type: Dual Audio


Masaya Fujimori – Director
Yukio Nagasaki – Sound Director
Hiroyuki Yoshino – Script, Series Composition
AKINO – Theme Song Performance
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Theme Songs

OP1: “cross the line” by AKINO with bless4
ED1: “Hikari Aru Basho e (光ある場所へ)” by May’n

Episode List

01: Beginning of the War
02: Scars and Gunfire
03: The Sword in the Heavens
04: The Secret of the Witch
05: A False Miracle
06: On a Quiet Day…
07: The Battle of Sognefjord
08: A Cruel Fairy Tale
09: The Sellun Corridor Burns
10: The Iron Hammer of the Witch
11: Finé
12: Izetta



Intriguing premise. Uneventful, poorly-written plot. Exceedingly under-characterized cast. Unnecessary nudity scenes. Tonally disruptive.


It started great, but then it went bad. Really bad.


I don’t know how they did it but they made a magical girl fighting Nazis both boring and generic.


I really wanted to like this but the story just got worse and worse.


How is a magical girl fighting Nazis this boring?


There is the right way and the wrong way to deliver politics in anime… this is the wrong way. Nice premice tohugh


Underrated show. With some good story

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