Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

MyAnimeList - 7.73
Anilist - 7.2
Kitsu - 7.6


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For years, the Niflheim Empire and the kingdom of Lucis have been at war. The empire, having dominated most of the world of Eos, covets the power of the last known Crystal, which is held in Lucis' capital city, Insomnia. In order to protect his people from these advancing forces, King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII used the power of the Crystal to surround Insomnia with a magical wall. Along with this barrier, Regis assembled an elite military task force known as the Kingsglaive. By drawing their power from the king, the Kingsglaive protect Lucis' borders from the onslaught of the empire and other forces that would do them harm. One such member of the Kingsglaive is Nyx, a man nicknamed "The Hero" by his fellow warriors due to his arrogance and desire to save everyone. However, his pride gets the better of him, causing him to disobey his captain's orders, resulting in a demotion. Now, Nyx spends his days guarding the city gates, but things begin to change once word gets out that Regis plans to sign a peace treaty with their sworn enemies.

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English: Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 9, 2016
Producers: Square Enix
Source: Game
Genres: Action
Duration: 1 hr 55 min
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 1080p
Type: BD, Dual Audio


Hajime Tabata – Producer
Takeshi Nozue – Director
Takashi Hasegawa – Script
John Graham – Music
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Fantastic visuals and fun action scenes. Even if you don’t plan on playing the game this is still a fun watch.


Very enjoyable action movie, with epic scale. No deep message or anything special, just a cool introduction to the universe of FFXV.

Yugure Shadowmore

99% of the people in this movie are dead.


A ok movie that shows what happened before FFXV. It’s not that you’ll be lost if you play the game before watching it but it’s an ok set-up


Ned Stark dies again.


A very pretty and very long video game commercial.


A whole movie made with top quality cgi animation which i couldn’t help but constantly gawp at, it looks so nice!



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