Download All Episodes from Google Batch

Easiest Way To Download All Episodes As A Batch From Google :-

1. Download JDownloader 2
2. Install It
3. Copy The Google Drive Link
4. Paste It In JDownloader 2’s Link Grabber Section By “Ctrl+L”
5. Now It Will Sync All The Files And You Are Ready To Download Whole Batch In One Click

Note :- You Can Also Change The Download Directory In General Settings And Also Have Control To Simultaneous Downloads [Which Means You Can Download 5-10 Or More Than These Files At Once]


1. Open Google Drive Link
2. Sign In To Your Gmail Account
3. Now Choose Files Which You Want To Download By Using Ctrl
4. Google Will Make A Zip To All Those Files And Can Download It Easily

Pros Of JDownloader 2 :- You Can Control Downloads , Change Download Directory , Pause And Remove Downloads And Etc.

Cons Of Google Drive Zip Batch :- It Has No Compression At All And Also Increases The Zip Size By 10-20 MB [Depends On How Many Files You Choose]

Last Update: December 25, 2018  

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