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Some Information

This section contains content from Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door.
Girls Dead Monster was founded by Masami Iwasawa and Hisako, who rediscovered music for the first time in the afterlife by pure chance. Both Iwasawa and Hisako had problems related to music during their life (Iwasawa turned to music to escape her parents’ constant fighting while Hisako vowed to never play an instrument after the death of a friend), but they eventually decided to embrace their restored passion in music. They eventually began to play music even during school hours, and their music became famous throughout the school.

The duo were soon joined by Shiori Sekine and her friend Miyuki Irie, who became the band’s bassist and drummer respectively.

Diversionary Music

After the integration of Girls Dead Monster into the Afterlife War Front, they acted as the diversionary force for the said group, using their charisma and their music in various missions, ranging from the task of getting food coupons for getting food for the members of the SSS to drowning out the sound of gunfire as they initiate operations against Angel.


It was formerly led by lead vocalist Masami Iwasawa. After Iwasawa’s passing, Yui became the lead vocalist.


The members of Girls Dead Monster: (from left to right) Sekine, Hisako, Iwasawa and Irie.

  • Iwasawa Masami (lead vocalist/guitarist)
  • Hisako (lead guitarist)
  • Miyuki Irie (drummer)
  • Shiori Sekine (bassist)
  • Yui (assistant, became the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist after Iwasawa’s passing)

Precursor Members

  • Yuri Nakamura (bassist)
  • Shiina (drummer)

Anime insert Songs

These songs have been played during the continuity of the anime.

  • Crow Song (episode 1)
  • Alchemy (episode 3)
  • My Song (Iwasawa’s solo and last performance; episode 3)
  • Thousand Enemies (Yui’s first performance as GirlDeMo’s lead vocalist and Iwasawa’s last written song; episode 5)

Other Songs

  • Little Braver
  • Highest Life
  • Rain Song
  • Shine Days
  • Answer Song
  • 23:50
  • Run With Wolves (The ending is played in the first OVA)
  • Morning Dreamer
  • My Most Precious Treasure (insert song in episode 10)
  • Last Song
  • God Bless You
  • Hot Meal (Another ‘Thousand Enemies’)
  • My Soul Your Beats
  • Storm Song
  • Day Game
  • Million Star
  • Hungry Song

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