[Must Read] Upcoming Changes on Kaizoku

Missing some news updates on Kaizoku?

Here they are

After we implemented the login and register setup – there were some updates that got neglected that we will actively start to work on.

So here are some changes that would come in the next few days

  • No popups on Kaizoku domain until we implement the listed changes on this post 
  • Faster web browsing and slightly smoother experience
  • No shitty popups on login, register, forgot pass, faq and some other pages.
  • Updates to pages and content with clearer directions and pointers
  • Some work on timely news and updates post time to time for our visitors to read.
  • Updates on the About Us page – it’s severely outdated.
  • Some minor changes to the UI perhaps.


In fact – for the last point, if there is anyone around with some free time and some writing skills that can write posts on updates of whats going on and whats about to come – reach out to us on either of the following

Telegram – @animekaizoku
Email – [email protected][dot]com
Or just drop comments here on the same.

What do you think about this initiative?
Do you have any suggestions that you want us to implement?
Are there any issues that we might have overlooked?

Let us know in the comments below – we are listening.

Singing off…
Sawada Tsunayoshi

Kaizoku ou ni, ore wa naru!