Request Section


Notice : The request section has been shifted to our newly made forum , its well organised and sorted and will help us serve you better.

We would urge you to please register and post requests there,

We would also request you to please repost the request there , at least the ones that are pending.

  • Anime Discussions and conversations from anything to anything
  • Sorted list and tracked requests
  • Ability to converse with the admins and chill out with the staff
  • In partnership with other major encoding teams
  • No ads , no popups , simple plain anime discussions and updates
  • The forum’s request section can visiting the Request Section <- here.

This page will completely redirect to the forum’s request section soon


The first 2 members to make relevant 15 posts all over the forum will get ftp access to our encodes for 1 month for free.
FTP contains most of our encodes from last few weeks , and more are added day by day.

How to claim ftp accounts :
step 1 : make 15 posts on forum , should not be obvious spam and should be anime related.
step 2 : make a thread in animekaizoku request section tagged as “other” and ask for your ftp logins.

This was supposed to be a donator only feature , but will give two users for free for 30 days as a trial pack.