[Must Read] Upcoming Changes on Kaizoku

Missing some news updates on Kaizoku?

Here they are

After we implemented the login and register setup – there were some updates that got neglected that we will actively start to work on.

So here are some changes that would come in the next few days

  • No popups on Kaizoku domain until we implement the listed changes on this post 
  • Faster web browsing and slightly smoother experience
  • No shitty popups on login, register, forgot pass, faq and some other pages.
  • Updates to pages and content with clearer directions and pointers
  • Some work on timely news and updates post time to time for our visitors to read.
  • Updates on the About Us page – it’s severely outdated.
  • Some minor changes to the UI perhaps.


In fact – for the last point, if there is anyone around with some free time and some writing skills that can write posts on updates of whats going on and whats about to come – reach out to us on either of the following

Telegram – @animekaizoku
Email – [email protected][dot]com
Or just drop comments here on the same.

What do you think about this initiative?
Do you have any suggestions that you want us to implement?
Are there any issues that we might have overlooked?

Let us know in the comments below – we are listening.

Singing off…
Sawada Tsunayoshi

Kaizoku ou ni, ore wa naru!

AnimeKaizoku Core


  1. Great initiative, thanks a lot for your hard work. Everyone hates popups and ads,and while removal of them is considerably awesome in an ideal world, do make sure you don’t hurt your revenues that you need to keep the servers up and running. Being the freeloader that I am, I would have liked to volunteer for the work that you have mentioned above, but unfortunately, time is of the essence for me. Will donate someday in the future to repay my debt to you’ll. Keep up the good work!

    1. Purchase the media and help the ones who sowed the seeds that we are eating today, for granted.

      Kaizoku will make do one way or another.

    1. Imo
      It has bugged me that the popups are irritating – recently someone heavily complained that the login register pages have popups and they should not have tho ( i agree, that was a mistake on my part that i totally forgot after the login system was implemented )

      We lack a stable faq
      We lack some ui improvements that can make things significantly better for both sides.

      Lets not talk about the Impel down there is on android chrome where imho – the experience is the worst possible.

      All in all, Kaizoku sometimes gives me nightmares about stuff like this.

  2. A transparency of this level is always appreciated. There have been issues with delayed and missing uploads. But this to me seems like a step towards a better direction. Keep up the Good Work.

    1. Delayed and Missing uploads are more dedsec’s and encoding team’s domain.

      Im looking into the UI and overall website experience.

    1. Its hell on chrome android.
      Once im done with all this – im gonna look into and see if we can use some other ads on mobile devices – at least on chrome android.

  3. Can I suggest a button that you click if you have already watched / want to watch / already downloaded the anime. Just to keep track. Other than that this site is awesome and it just keeps getting better.

    1. Plenty people asked us this after we opened registrations and such.
      I’m still mulling about this because
      – Not all our posts follow our latest posting style
      – Not all posts are with consistent data/content
      – Myanimelist does this way better than we can

      I took this suggestion internally with the team and most suggested to ask users to use myanimelist, which imo is two birds with one stone as you can show off profiles and such.

      Kaizoku covers what we want to cover or what our users request us to
      Myanimelist gives you the freedom of vising any site for your anime sources and then updating it over mal for a collective set.

      What do you all think on this?

      1. Personally I don’t mind. I’ve been using MAL for quite some time. However in my case I have way more animes in my HDD than in MAL. Maybe if it isn’t a hassle have MAL links in the Information. Actually just realized there are MAL IDs. Hmm..

        I do like the updated look with the 6 panels for new encodes. Very nice.

        I do have a question tho.
        Whats the Login system for?

        1. MalID’s are used internally – as we fill posts with those id’s so figured we will just include them in the post content.

          The updated look will further improve when we figure some stuff out.

          The login system – well..we added this and didnt release a post about it, im thinking we will cover it in a post of its own with all pros and cons.

  4. Looks good, thanks for all your work. Only thing I can think of is the whole VLC encode issue. Did you hear back from them on why some encodes weren’t playing properly? I personally switched media players but I know VLC is still really popular

    1. As he Tsunayoshi said below, hardware acceleration seems to be the issue the vast majority of the time. However that doesn’t fix it 100 percent of the time in my experience so there might be some other issue with the vlc updates.
      However, the version above always works with the encodes even when fiddling with the settings didn’t. If people are deadset on VLC having two versions is pretty simple. You can slip the files in 7z in a folder out of sight, make a shortcut from the exe and add that shortcut to the desktop or taskbar along with the new VLC version no problem. What you name it on the shortcut shows up on the taskbar if you use the shortcut to add it to the taskbar. You won’t have to worry about mixing them up. The only immediately noticeable change is the default hotkeys are difference between versions.

    2. Nothing worthwhile from vlc on this – although i noticed if you disable hardware accelerated decoding ( set it to disable ) under preferences > input codecs Every encode that was reported to have an issue ( and was throwing issues on my test machine )
      Played Just fine.

      Consider giving that a shot.

      Part of the experience improvement is also to work on a sensible FAQ – so we will cover stuff like this there as well.

  5. Changelog

    – Checked and patched the ongoing block not loading or images not loading issue
    – Tuned the site loading times as much as i could
    – Slightly tuned the Disqus Responses for all new posts
    – Updated the blocks for ongoing block design on homepage
    – Minor touch up to homepage design,loading and footer.

    Further Edits
    – I have almost figured out the newer ads backend and where to show popups and where we can avoid them
    – Newspaper and site updates and blogs would be updated too cause some ppl stepped forward into helping out.
    – Im gonna redo the whole faq as well but that might take more time than i thought so will focus on getting the ads setup up before our adverts provider starts pressuring us saying this or that.

    More updates coming soon, One we are stable on this i’ll move onto the next part.

  6. Isn’t blocking ads and pop-ups gonna cut the revenue u guys make however little it might be. Just curious.

    1. It will – the revenue is down by a rather lot recently but whitelisting some pages from popups was already a planned activity.

      This is more like something to keep me motivated to get this done asap.

      Im also things a no popups mode where we can whitelist a user if they are registered from popups.

  7. hi is it possible to add Mega Links in addition to google links? and great work on the site it looks great

    1. Not possible

      Reasons being
      – Mega gives 15gb per acc and our gsuite drive accs are unlimited per acc
      Imagine uploading 70gb one piece – how many accs will we switch for each anime? – and how many will we register and keep track of?
      – Google Drive has cheaper cost overall and more storage
      – The takedowns on mega is really bad and we cant sit and fix links all day long
      – Mega has daily download limits ( 5gb per day i think ) – imagine downloading a 1080p 24episodes and then another day wait.

      I hope this clarifies why we ditched mega

      Google Drive has so much more that im sure you havent tapped into its full potential.

  8. Most of the stuff is done or in motion.
    Gonna now work no advert restore and make sure that this doesnt bug users on signup and other pages and stuff.

  9. also noticed that if you press enter without typing on the search field you get a list of some ongoing anime? not sure. is that also a feature?

    1. If you simply hit enter on search – it will throw the list of posts in order of last update.
      As ongoing shows are what we mostly update – hence you will mostly see ongoing i guess.

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