Pom Poko

Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko

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With the increasing need for Tokyo to expand as one of Japan's major cities, inevitable sacrifices must be made so that changes can take place. One of these sacrifices is that the room for nature and wildlife to flourish will decrease significantly over time. As this decline continues, many animal communities experience the brunt of urbanization. One such community known as the "Tanuki," a type of magical shape-shifting mammal, is caught up in a struggle to defend their beloved forest from being absorbed by the looming threat of an expanding Tokyo. As more and more Tanuki find themselves with nowhere to hide and territorial fights become increasingly regular amongst the different factions of the community, the elder Tanuki Oroku decides that something must be done. For the sake of their home as well as the safety of their future generations, the Tanuki unite as one with the hope that together they may be able to repel mankind's construction projects and scare them away from the forests using their shapeshifting abilities. But as they begin their first attempts at sabotage, the Tanuki soon realize the operation will be no easy task. Will they reclaim their forest as a united community, or will they be torn apart by a war against humanity, blinded by anger and pain after witnessing nature's destruction?

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English: Pom Poko
Japanese: 平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ
Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jun 13, 1994
Producers: Daiei, Nippon Television Network
Licensors: Walt Disney Studios, GKIDS
Studios: Studio Ghibli
Source: Original
Genres: Kids
Duration: 1 hr 51 min
Rating: PG – Children
Resolution: 720p
Type: Dual Audio


Toshio Suzuki – Producer
Isao Takahata – Director, Screenplay, Original Creator
Yasuo Urakami – Sound Director
Yoshiyuki Momose – Storyboard
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racoon men use their balls for transportation


I watched this in a groupwatch. Was unexpectedly serious but also had many fun moments. Overall well done movie.


Every time I watch this, I want to jump on one of those exercise balls.


This was cute as hell and had a pretty excellent story.


A little forced in places with its message, but overall I can only describe the experience as magical.


The moral and story tho. I am in tears.


Allusive tale of the traditional Japanese way of life dealing with the onslaught of modernity. Narration breaks all immersion in it story.



    Anime was a mistake