Posting Style had a Make Over!

Times change and so does the need

We at Kaizoku thought why not improve things a little more and bring some more comfort to our users, Lots of new sites that fared better came in and lots of old ones learned and upgraded themselves.

Amongst the turmoil of new and the old – somewhere deep down we felt we were a little left behind.

With that in mind, we worked for months for a new post structure that brings out more comfort, is modular and is nicer to look at.

Here are some of the recent changes that you will see with new posts ( and old posts – if we get time )

Posts will now follow a more generalized format

Posting Style had a Make Over!
Yes we know we already had a generalized format but it had a more user flair thrown in – for example, check some of Dhruboz posts.
Now – all posts will follow a slightly stricter but neater format.

We hope that this will bring a little more consistency to us.

More information at your fingertips.

Posting Style had a Make Over!
As you already know we already posted information from MyAnimeList which covered basic descriptions and Information – This got a huge facelift.
We added more details and better internal linking – Character information and some other major tweaks. You will know it once you see it!

See what you like – skip what you don’t.

Posting Style had a Make Over!
Posts will now be wrapped in collapsible boxes from information to descriptions to the download buttons itself, meaning you can expand and collapse them at will to ensure your viewport remains clutter free.


Posting Style had a Make Over!
A smaller index is placed at every post ( only effective for desktop screens as of now ) that will quickly take you to and fro from the Title to the Download buttons, Now you can tackle those longer posts quickly.

Listings on Ongoings posts is improved

Posting Style had a Make Over!
Ongoings earlier used to have similar buttons like as do for out completed series, this is slightly changed so show a box that lists the episodes with names.

It is slightly neater and slightly easier on us from the backend to manage.

There are some more updates and features coming through soon.. Look forward to them.

What do you think about the recent updates?
Let us know in the comments below.

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