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  • AnimePhoto of High School Fleet

    High School Fleet

    A hundred years after catastrophic shifts in tectonic plates caused most of its area to submerge, Japan now thrives as…

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  • AiringPhoto of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

    Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

    "Hanako-san, Hanako-san...are you there?" At Kamome Academy, rumors abound about the school's Seven Mysteries, one of which is Hanako-san. Said…

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  • AnimePhoto of The Royal Tutor

    The Royal Tutor

    Equally charming and stern, Heine Wittgenstein is a brilliant man who commands respect, despite his short, childlike stature. Thus, the…

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  • AnimePhoto of Shomin Sample

    Shomin Sample

    Kimito Kagurazaka is a commoner with a fetish for men's muscles—or at least that's the lie he must keep telling…

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  • AnimePhoto of Occultic;Nine


    A blog disproving the supernatural, co-run by NEET teenager Yuuta Gamon and his enthusiastic best friend Ryouka Narusawa, becomes the…

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  • AnimePhoto of Children of the Whales

    Children of the Whales

    In a world covered by an endless sea of sand, there sails an island known as the Mud Whale. In…

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  • AnimePhoto of BLEND-S


    Wishing to be independent, 16-year-old Maika Sakuranomiya is desperate to nail down a part-time job so that she can afford…

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  • AnimePhoto of ACCA – 13 Territory Inspection Dept

    ACCA – 13 Territory Inspection Dept

    ACCA—a national body of the kingdom of Dowa that provides public services to the citizens of the country—was established as…

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