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  • Photo of Ace of Diamond Act II

    Ace of Diamond Act II

    Picking up the next year after the end of the fall tournament, Seidou High School baseball team battle it out…

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  • Photo of YuruYuri Season 2

    YuruYuri Season 2

    The girls of the Amusement Club return in Yuru Yuri♪♪, finding new ways to make passing time even more enjoyable.…

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  • Photo of YuruYuri


    After a year in grade school without her childhood friends, first year student Akari Akaza is finally reunited with second…

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  • Photo of WorldEnd


    Putting his life on the line, Willem Kmetsch leaves his loved ones behind and sets out to battle a mysterious…

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  • Photo of World War Blue

    World War Blue

    Segua Kingdom has been losing the war against Ninterdo Empire but the tables are turned by the appearance of a…

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  • Photo of When They Cry

    When They Cry

    Keiichi Maebara has just moved to the quiet little village of Hinamizawa in the summer of 1983, and quickly becomes…

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  • Photo of WATAMOTE


    After living 50 simulated high school lives and dating over 100 virtual boys, Tomoko Kuroki believes that she is ready…

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  • Photo of Triage X RECOLLECTION XOXO


    Unaired episode 11 of the Triage X series bundled with the 12th manga volume.

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  • Photo of Triage X

    Triage X

    In a deadly terrorist attack, Arashi Mikami narrowly escapes death but loses everything in the process, including his family and…

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  • Photo of Three Leaves, Three Colors

    Three Leaves, Three Colors

    Having gone from pampered to poor after the bankruptcy of her father's company, Youko Nishikawa struggles to drop her princess-like…

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