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  • AnimePhoto of Ojisan and Marshmallow OVA

    Ojisan and Marshmallow OVA

    Habahiro Hige awakens at his desk at work, but much to his surprise, he has become a baby! To make…

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  • AnimePhoto of Ojisan and Marshmallow

    Ojisan and Marshmallow

    Habahiro Hige is a simple-minded older man who works an office job and is an enthusiast of Tabekko Marshmallows. His…

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  • AnimePhoto of Netsuzou Trap -NTR-

    Netsuzou Trap -NTR-

    High school students Yuma Okazaki and Hotaru Mizushina are childhood friends. With their respective boyfriends, Takeda and Fujiwara, their lives…

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  • AnimePhoto of Military!


    The story takes place during a conflict between the Krakozhia Dukedom and the Grania Republic. In the midst of the…

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  • AnimePhoto of Love is Like a Cocktail

    Love is Like a Cocktail

    Chisato Mizusawa is a calm and collected assistant office manager who apparently dislikes drinking alcohol. But she actually likes it…

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  • AnimePhoto of Love To-LIE-Angle

    Love To-LIE-Angle

    When Natsuno Hanabi went back to her hometown to study in high school, she thought that she will have a…

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  • AnimePhoto of Danchigai


    Haruki Nakano lives an average high school life, except for the fact that his mother is overseas and he shares…

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