Pony Canyon

  • AnimePhoto of Rozen Maiden

    Rozen Maiden

    Traumatized by school, Jun Sakurada spends his days at home as a shut-in, purchasing things online, only to send them…

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  • AnimePhoto of Sound! Euphonium

    Sound! Euphonium

    After swearing off music due to an incident at the middle school regional concert band competition, euphonist Kumiko Oumae enters…

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  • AnimePhoto of BEM


    Young detective Sonia Summers has been transferred to the outskirts of the port city Libra after stirring up trouble with…

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  • AnimePhoto of Violet Evergarden

    Violet Evergarden

    The Great War finally came to an end after four long years of conflict; fractured in two, the continent of…

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  • AnimePhoto of The Demon Girl Next Door

    The Demon Girl Next Door

    After a strange dream of a mysterious ancestor, high school student Yuuko Yoshida wakes to see that she has grown…

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  • AnimePhoto of Attack on Titan OVA

    Attack on Titan OVA

    Bundled with the 12th, 13th, and 14th limited-edition manga volumes.

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  • AnimePhoto of Ranma ½ Special

    Ranma ½ Special

    "Reawakening Memories" deals with Akane suddenly remembering a trip to Ryugenzawa when she was a small child. While there she…

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  • AnimePhoto of Ranma ½ OVA

    Ranma ½ OVA

    Ranma Saotome continues his search for a way to become a normal teenage boy again. He gets into many hilarious…

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  • AnimePhoto of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

    Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

    As Kobayashi sets off for another day at work, she opens her apartment door only to be met by an…

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  • AiringPhoto of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

    Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

    "Hanako-san, Hanako-san...are you there?" At Kamome Academy, rumors abound about the school's Seven Mysteries, one of which is Hanako-san. Said…

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