1. Yep, we gonna shift to dark mode ig.

      Personally im more the light mode type but the votes count over my opinion.
      Time to make changes to the css

  1. Cannot login to the site to be able to download. Login is giving error message:

    Error in jQuery.ajax while submitting a form:

    1. This jquery.ajax is by https://codecanyon.net/item/userpro-user-profiles-with-social-login/5958681

      Whose plugin we are currently using and the dev says that there is “no issue” with the plugin.

      And yes, I know there is this issue and ive sent it to them with screenshots and my 2cents about it.
      Im just as irritated as you are as when you are not able to login, neither am I.

      * flips keyboard *

      Im awaiting their reply and will keep yall posted too ( again, anyone wanting to bug me for whats going on can always email )

  2. Working on making some performance changes and its kinda taking more time than expected cause me noob at this one.

    This affected the following
    Session states

    Which affected “login system”

    I know its irritating to see this site with issues every new week but we are just trying to make stable improvements, its just slow.

    atm ( as using the stable setup, logins should work )
    But today and tomorrow logins may throw issues and the site itself may throw issues

    Be prepared.

    Feel free to send me flames at animekaizokux[at]gmail.com the angry comments keep me pressured enough to speed this up.


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