Saekano – How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend .fine

Saekano - How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend .fine

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After blessing software announced their first work, Eriri and Utaha leave the group to join popular creator Akane Kosaka in developing a major game called Fields Chronicle. Meanwhile, Tomoya and Megumi join hands with their new members and various other parties to produce their new game. What will become of Eriri and Utaha’s major work? Will the relationship between Tomoya and Megumi change? And what will be the ultimate fate of blessing software’s new game? (Source: Aniplus-Asia)

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Japanese: 冴えない彼女の育てかた Fine
Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 26, 2019
Studios: CloverWorks
Source: Light novel
Genres: Harem, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, School
Duration: 1 hr 54 min
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 1080p
Type: BD, Eng Sub

Encoder's Notes

My own encode, descaled and debanded, with waifusims’ translation. Timed. Edited. Typeset.

How often is it that a trashy harem anime gets a proper ending? Well, the movie turned out to be a lot better than I expected, so I decided to work on it a little since it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna get a definitive release anytime soon.

The TL is seemingly “fine” except for a few word choices and some out of context lines. As usual, I fixed whatever issues I could find. Went over each line, joined, split, snapped, timed and edited them to read better. In order to maintain balance in the world, this release contains two subtitle tracks, one with honorifics and one without.

720p encode? Guys… this is already less than 700mb and I was even being generous with the bitrate. It’s because the animation here is pretty light. I don’t wanna end up doing a 300mb encode for a two hour movie, so yeah, it’s not happening.


Translation: waifusims
Everything else: dedsec

Characters & Voice Actors

Aki – None
Kasumigaoka – None
Katou – None
Sawamura – None
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Kanta Kamei – Director
Fumiaki Maruto – Script, Original Creator
Luna Haruna – Theme Song Performance
Miku Sawai – Theme Song Lyrics, Theme Song Composition
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The bitches needed a greater punishment than what they got in the epilogue they even insult his company but it got me angry cuz it is good


Gran final, era obvio pero satisfactorio.


Absolutely great. Retroactively makes the entire series significantly better. A must watch if you like Romance stories.


Don’t play with my heart there



    I make bad encodes and whine about subs and if I'm feeling particularly memey, I make bad subs too!