Fall 2008

  • AnimePhoto of Vampire Knight Guilty

    Vampire Knight Guilty

    As a direct continuation of the first season, Zero comes back after his disappearance from the academy. Despite her relief,…

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  • AnimePhoto of Toradora!


    Ryuuji Takasu is a gentle high school student with a love for housework; but in contrast to his kind nature,…

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  • AnimePhoto of Skip Beat!

    Skip Beat!

    Bright, diligent, and yet naïve 16-year-old Kyouko Mogami works hard to support the career and dreams of her childhood friend,…

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  • AnimePhoto of Rosario + Vampire Capu2

    Rosario + Vampire Capu2

    It has been one year since Tsukune Aono enrolled at Youkai Academy, and since then his life has taken an…

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  • AnimePhoto of One Outs

    One Outs

    Toua Tokuchi is an athlete by profession, but a reckless gambler at heart. On the streets of Okinawa, he uses…

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  • AnimePhoto of Nodame Cantabile – Paris-hen

    Nodame Cantabile – Paris-hen

    Shinichi Chiaki conquers his fear of flying, and Megumi "Nodame" Noda's exceptional performance at a piano competition earns her an…

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  • AnimePhoto of Michiko & Hatchin

    Michiko & Hatchin

    Under the unrelenting heat of the South American sun, hardened criminal Michiko Malandro breaks out of a high security prison…

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  • AnimePhoto of Kurozuka


    Adaptation of Takashi Noguchi's manga, which itself adapts Baku Yumemakura's supernatural romance novel. The original novel is about a 12th-century…

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  • AnimePhoto of Inazuma Eleven

    Inazuma Eleven

    While other schools in Japan compete for the title of being the best soccer team in the country, Raimon Middle…

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  • AnimePhoto of Earl and Fairy

    Earl and Fairy

    In the nineteenth century, we find Lydia Carlton living in Scotland, making a living as a fairy doctor. She is…

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