takt op.Destiny

takt op.Destiny

MyAnimeList - 7.73
Anilist - 7.2
Kitsu - 7.6


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One day, a black meteorite fell on the world, and the world completely changed. The meteorite produced grotesque monsters called D2, which started running rampant. D2 very quickly banned all music, which was the one thing able to overcome them. But there were some people who resisted the D2. They are young women who hold the power of music, the "Musicart." These young women hold "scores" that are able to defeat the monsters. And there are also people who lead these women, the Conductor. The anime takes place in America in the year 2047, which has fallen to ruin thanks to the D2. Takt, a Conductor, is partnered with a Musicart named Unmei. Takt yeans for music to be returned to the world, and Unmei wishes to destroy the D2. Their aim is to travel to New York. (Source: ANN, edited)

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Japanese: takt op.Destiny
Type: TV
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 6, 2021
Premiered: Fall 2021
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 00:00 (JST)
Producers: Bandai Namco Arts, DeNA
Studios: MAPPA, Madhouse
Source: Original
Genres: Fantasy, Action
Duration: 23 min
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 720p, 1080p
Type: Eng Sub




Yuuki Itou – Director
Fumiyuki Gou – Sound Director
Mafumafu – Theme Song Performance
Mika Nakashima – Theme Song Performance
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Theme Songs

OP1: “takt (タクト)” by ryo (supercell) feat. Mafumafu, gaku
ED1: “SYMPHONIA” by Mika Nakashima


Animation looks great but the premise doesn’t suspend disbelief.

mashiiu issa brujito

Fate series meets Darling in the Franxx, but they fight with the power of music.


The best looking mobile game commercial of the season.


Madhouse+Mappa?! Now that is a recipe for success, I hope so at least. Got high expectations for this one!


Ms. Frizzle takes her 2 lazy students on a field trip to NewYork


FGO with music


How is this trash 8 on MAL? Everyone keeps babbling about it being decently animated, but everything besides well-done clothing looks dull.



    "We, who hurt each other so terribly, will sit here licking each other's wounds. We damaged goods will each seek the other out in comfort. If you are to die tomorrow, I'm fine with my life ending then as well. But if you want to live for me for one more day,I'll go on living with you today as well. And thus begins a tale of kindred, bound by their scars. Soaked in red and written in black, a story of blood. One of which I'll never speak. Our very own, precious as it is, story of scars. And I have no intention of reciting it to anyone."