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Vash the Stampede is the man with a $$60,000,000,000 bounty on his head. The reason: he's a merciless villain who lays waste to all those that oppose him and flattens entire cities for fun, garnering him the title "The Humanoid Typhoon." He leaves a trail of death and destruction wherever he goes, and anyone can count themselves dead if they so much as make eye contact—or so the rumors say. In actuality, Vash is a huge softie who claims to have never taken a life and avoids violence at all costs. With his crazy doughnut obsession and buffoonish attitude in tow, Vash traverses the wasteland of the planet Gunsmoke, all the while followed by two insurance agents, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, who attempt to minimize his impact on the public. But soon, their misadventures evolve into life-or-death situations as a group of legendary assassins are summoned to bring about suffering to the trio. Vash's agonizing past will be unraveled and his morality and principles pushed to the breaking point.

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English: Trigun
Japanese: トライガン
Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 1, 1998 to Sep 30, 1998
Premiered: Spring 1998
Broadcast: Thursdays at 01:15 (JST)
Producers: Victor Entertainment
Licensors: Funimation, Geneon Entertainment USA
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Shounen
Duration: 24 min per ep
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 544p, 480p
Type: DVD, Dual Audio


Shigeru Kitayama – Producer
Yutaka Maseba – Producer
Satoshi Nishimura – Director, Episode Director, Storyboard
Yasunori Honda – Sound Director
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Theme Songs

OP1: “H.T.” by Tsuneo Imahori
ED1: “Kaze wa Mirai ni Fuku (The Wind Blows to the Future)” by AKIMA & NEOS

Episode List

01: The $$60,000,000,000.00 Man
02: Truth of Mistake
03: Peace Maker
04: Love & Peace
05: Hard Puncher
06: Lost July
07: B.D.N.
08: And Between the Wasteland and Sky
09: Murder Machine
10: Quick Draw
11: Escape From Pain
12: Diablo
13: Vash the Stampede
14: Little Arcadia
15: Demon’s Eye
16: Fifth Moon
17: Rem Saverem
18: Goodbye for Now
19: Hang Fire
20: Flying Ship
21: Out of Time
22: Alternative
23: Paradise
24: Sin
25: Live Through
26: Under the Sky so Blue



Half fun loving episodic chronicles of a man who loves donuts. Half serious breakdown of his life and why he just wants love and peace.


Classic space western that have aged well. Vash is one of the better main characters I have seen.


In a weird way, its a slow burner, requiring appreciation of the setting to get the most out of it. Vash is pretty cool, Wolfwood more so.


Vash’s whole character arc makes this show what it is. Worthwhile and memorable




Excellent space western. One of the best of all time.


Its psychological elements and examination of life make for a really dark way to say, “just be yourself”. And it’s all the better for it.



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