Ushio and Tora

Ushio to Tora (TV)

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Anilist - 7.3
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Ushio Aotsuki is a stubborn middle school student and son of an eccentric temple priest who goes about life without care for his father's claims regarding otherworldly monsters known as youkai. However, as he is tending to the temple while his father is away on work, his chores lead him to a shocking discovery: in the basement he finds a menacing youkai impaled by the fabled Beast Spear. The beast in question is Tora, infamous for his destructive power, who tries to coerce Ushio into releasing him from his five hundred year seal. Ushio puts no trust in his words and refuses to set him free. But when a sudden youkai outbreak puts his friends and home in danger, he is left with no choice but to rely on Tora, his only insurance being the ancient spear if he gets out of hand. Ushio and Tora's meeting is only the beginning of the unlikely duo's journey into the depths of the spiritual realm. With the legendary Beast Spear in his hands, Ushio will find out just how real and threatening the world of the supernatural can be.

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English: Ushio and Tora
Japanese: うしおととら
Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 3, 2015 to Dec 25, 2015
Premiered: Summer 2015
Broadcast: Fridays at 22:30 (JST)
Producers: Sotsu, Showgate, Tokuma Japan Communications, Daiichi Shokai
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: MAPPA, Studio VOLN
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Shounen, Supernatural
Duration: 24 min per ep
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080p
Type: Dual Audio


Satoshi Nishimura – Director
Masafumi Mima – Sound Director
Hiroshi Koujina – Episode Director, Storyboard, Key Animation
Tomoya Tanaka – Episode Director
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Theme Songs

OP1: “Mazeru na Kiken (混ぜるな危険)” by Kinniku Shoujo Tai
ED1: “HERO” by Sonar Pocket (eps 1-13)
ED2: “Makeru na Chiisaki Mono yo (負けるな小さきものよ)” by Waka Danna (若旦那) (eps 14- 26)

Episode List

01: The Fate that Brings Ushio And Tora Together
02: Rock Eater
03: The Demon That Dwells In The Painting
04: Tora Goes to the City
05: Exorcist Hyou
06: The Sea of the Ayakashi
07: Legend
08: He Is in the Sky
09: Mad Wind
10: The House Where the Child Lives
11: Mirror of a Single Strike
12: The Road to the Touno Youkai Battle ~Part One~
13: The Road to the Touno Youkai Battle ~Part Two~
14: Hiyou Pursuit ~Successor
15: The Crossroads of the Pursuit ~Successor
16: Tranformation
17: To Kamui Kotan
18: Revival ~And Finally…
19: The Demon That Turns Back Time
20: The Demon Returns
21: The Fourth: Kirio
22: Great Summoning ~Destruction of the Beast Spear
23: Eternal Solitude
24: The Fools Gather at the Banquet
25: H.A.M.M.R ~The H.A.M.M.R Institute
26: Tatari Breaker
27: The Wind Blows
28: To Lose No More
29: Night of the Crescent Moon
30: The Journey of No Return
31: To the Sea of Chaos
32: Mother
33: The Destruction of the Beast Spear
34: Tora
35: Hope
36: Toward the Promised Night



Old school artstyle. Kick ass animation and story. An enjoyable blast from the past.


A 90’s manga forgotten to time, brought back to modern day. Filled with heavy action, emotions, and good times, U&T is welcomed back happily


Culmination of everything both good and bad about ’90s battle shounen series brought forth to a modern audience.


The 90s anime for the modern era. Can get bogged down by the artifacts of its time, but overall enjoyable.


A rare adventure shounen which focuses more on the protagonist’s personal journey than lots of fighting or monster-of-the-week.


Quite good, but oh boy the season 2! And the unexpected feels . Oh boy.


Generic, repititive and dull. Combines stagnant and one note characters with an unengaging plot and an awful dub. Retro doesn’t mean good.


    Mad Scientist

    El Psy Congroo