What’s going on? How long is it gonna take!?

What is Kaizoku up to? We haven’t heard anything lately!

Yes, we are aware that most of you are thinking this right now so we figured we will catch you up to speed with a little info on what we are doing, why is it taking so much time and some other bits and nibbles around this.

So at the moment, Kaizoku is revising everything from top to bottom and I’ll try to cover up some of these in this post.

Folder structure will be revamped

As our donators would know, the backend used to be 6 different folders, each divided by “size” of the drive.
—Vongola: 1080p
—Varia: 480p
—Vindice: 720p
—Veronica: Airing Anime

This was a lot of miss-mash as when Vega and Videl came in to due to storage issues, the resolutions folders were spread out. Some 1080p here some there and so on.

The new structure will rectify this to some extent.
——Anime Name
———All resolutions releases here

This means if you are looking for My Hero Academia Season 3, you will find all its encodes in the same folder, sorted.

We might still divide this on our V-based servers. I’ll cover whats the deal with the Vongola, Varia stuff on some other post.

Post format will change

Yep, you read it right! We are revising all our posts.

There won’t be any resolution based divisions now. Just one single post for every anime, as per MyAnimeList, covering every encode for that anime be it Eng Sub, Dual Audio, 720p, 1080p, WEB, BD, anything, all in one post.

A teaser for the new post style

Please don’t jizz over it, its not the final draft, but this probably what the post content is gonna be like from here on.

What's going on? How long is it gonna take!?
New proposed posting style
What's going on? How long is it gonna take!?
Expanded view of some elements
What's going on? How long is it gonna take!?
Another expanded view

Some minor changes

  • Redo of all menus
  • Redo on homepage design
  • Focus on a faster, smoother experience
  • Speed focused design edits
  • More memes (maybe)
  • Fresh redo of all posts from zero to now
  • Upto 3x reduced post count as we’re listing all encodes of an anime in a single post
  • Genre focused post sorting and homepage design
  • One-click dead link reporting and semi-automated fixing (bugged, we’re working on it)
  • Plex-able backend for donators (maybe)

Why is it taking so long?

dedsec: lemme edit this partt reeeeeeeeee..! okay. I AM HERE!

noticed the new folder structure sawada mentioned earlier? yeah, its easier said than done. restructuring thousands of encodes is NO JOKE. i mean it’s still it’s not complete even after weeks!

however, we’re close to finishing up. the last big problem for us is finding relevant post images. i do have a plan for it but it involves a lot of manual work, which i don’t like.

apart from all the technical difficulties, we get distracted sometimes playing games, shitposting instead of watching anime or just getting busy with life in general. plus, it’s the exam season for most of us which is further slowing us down.

but with most of the encodes sorted, the post format somewhat finalized and the website ready to be revamped, we should be back, better than ever, as the symbol of piracy in no time™!