Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Duel Monsters

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Kitsu - 7.6


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Legend says that the enigmatic Millennium Puzzle will grant one wish to whoever deciphers its ancient secrets. Upon solving it, high school student Yuugi Mutou unleashes "another Yuugi," a peculiar presence contained inside. Now, whenever he is faced with a dilemma, this mysterious alter ego makes an appearance and aids him in his troubles. Wishing to unravel the mystery behind this strange spirit, Yuugi and his companions find themselves competing with several opponents in "Duel Monsters," a challenging card game used by people seeking to steal the Millennium Puzzle in a desperate attempt to harness the great power within. As the questions pile on, it is not long before they figure out that there is more than pride on the line in these duels.

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English: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Japanese: 遊☆戯☆王 デュエルモンスターズ
Type: TV
Episodes: 224
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 18, 2000 to Sep 29, 2004
Premiered: Spring 2000
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Nihon Ad Systems
Licensors: 4Kids Entertainment, Flatiron Film Company
Studios: Gallop
Source: Manga
Genres: Adventure, Game, Shounen
Duration: 23 min per ep
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 480p
Type: Eng Dub


Noriko Kobayashi – Producer
Kunihisa Sugishima – Director
Takuya Hiramitsu – Sound Director
Keiji Hayakawa – Episode Director
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Theme Songs

OP1: “Voice” by CLOUD (eps 1-48)
OP2: “Shuffle” by Masami Okui (eps 49-80)
OP3: “WILD DRIVE” by Masato Nagai (eps 81-131)
OP4: “Warriors” by Yuuichi Ikusawa (eps 132-189)
OP5: “Overlap” by Kimeru (eps 190-224)
ED1: “Genki no Shower” by Aki Maeda (eps 1-48)
ED2: “Ano hi no Gogo” by Masami Okui (eps 49-80)
ED3: “Rakuen” by CAVE (eps 81-131)
ED4: “Afureru Kanjou ga Tomaranai” by Yuuichi Ikusawa (eps 132-189)
ED5: “EYES” by Yuuichi Ikusawa (eps 190-224)

Episode List

01: The Terrifying Blue Eyes White Dragon
02: The Trap of Illusionist No Face
03: The Lost Exodia
04: Insector Combo
05: The Ultimate Perfect Form, Great Moth
06: Beautiful Harpie Lady
07: Sea God Leviathan
08: The Stolen Blue Eyes White Dragon
09: Back From The Dead! Magical Silk Hat
10: Blue Eyes White Dragon Counterattack
11: Friendship Power! Barbarian #1 & #2
12: Black Flames! Red Eyes Black Dragon
13: Trap of the Metamor Pot! Flame Swordsman in Danger
14: Pitch Black Duel! Castle Hidden in the Darkness
15: Cut Through the Darkness! Protective Sealing Swords of Light
16: Clash! Blue Eyes VS Red Eyes
17: Terror! Call of the Living Dead
18: Shield in the Right Hand, Sword in the Left Hand
19: Tag Duel in the Labyrinth
20: Combination of the Three Gods! Gate Guardian
21: Devil Dragon! Black Demons Dragon
22: Fated Duel! Yuugi vs Kaiba
23: Strongest! Splendid! Ultimate Dragon
24: Multiplying Kuribou! The Astonishing Conclusion
25: Duel of Tears! Friendship
26: Save Mokuba! Kaiba vs Pegasus
27: Kaiba Falls! The Invincible Toon World
28: The Night Before the Finals! Pegasus’ Secret
29: Desperate Situation! Shadow of Seduction
30: The Strongest Legendary Warrior, Chaos Soldier Descends
31: Cruel Heavy Metal Deck
32: Surpass Time! Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon
33: Final Match of Friendship – Yuugi vs Jonouchi (Part 1)
34: Final Match of Friendship – Yuugi vs Jonouchi (Part 2)
35: Final Duel! Yuugi vs Pegasus
36: Attacks Useless!? The Invincible Toon Army
37: Counterattack Begins! Mind Shuffle
38: The Wicked Eye Activates – Sacrifice
39: Fushion of Light and Darkness – Black Chaos Descends
40: King of Duelists
41: The Girl Who Came from America
42: Certain-Kill Shadow Ghoul
43: Big 5’s Trap: Duel Monsters Quest
44: DM Quest 2: The Legendary Hero Yuugi
45: DM Quest 3: Master of Dragon Knight
46: Mysterious Transfer Student Ryuuji Otogi
47: Showdown! Dungeon Dice Monsters
48: Yuugi’s Tough Battle – God Orgoth’s Fierce Assault
49: Miracle Dimension – Summoned Black Magician
50: Challenge from the Past – Terrifying Zera
51: The Shattered Millennium Puzzle
52: Lost Memories of the Pharaoh
53: Blazing Dance Battle
54: This City Will Become Battle City!
55: Ghouls Assault – The Targeted Red Eyes Black Dragon
56: Clash! Battle City Begins
57: Reversal – Chain Destruction
58: Esper Roba – Terror of the Psychic Deck
59: Courageous Spike – Spin, Roulette Spider
60: Black Magician User Pandora
61: Black Magician of the Soul
62: The Magician’s Disciple Black Magician Girl
63: The Trap of Revenge – Rampage! Paracide
64: Steel Knight Gear Fried
65: Marik Moves – God Combo
66: Sky Dragon Osiris
67: Surpass the God! Ultimate Infinite Loop
68: Invisible Enemy: Sea Stealth II
69: Legendary Fisherman
70: The Mask’s Curse: High-Rise Duel
71: Sealed God Cards
72: Unite!
73: Giant God Soldier of Obelisk
74: Bonds
75: Heartless Duel: Yuugi vs Jonouchi
76: Reach Out! Red Eyes Black Dragon of Friendship
77: Countdown to Despair
78: Attack Me! The Destined Last Turn
79: Ghost Deck vs Occult Deck
80: Ninja Master Magnum Enters
81: Battle Ship Takes Off!
82: First Duel in the Sky: Yuugi vs Yami Bakura
83: The Death-Calling Ouija Board
84: Shatter the Darkness: One Hit of the God!
85: Hidden Power: Mystery of the God Cards
86: Jonouchi vs Trap Deck!
87: The Inherited Card: Psycho Shocker Counterattacks!
88: Summon the Winged God Dragon of Ra
89: Ra’s Anger! Stand Up! Jonouchi
90: Mai vs Marik: Duel of Darkness
91: Steal the God Card
92: Mystery of the Hieratic Text
93: Kaiba vs The 8th Duelist
94: One Strike that Changes the Future
95: The Truth of the Ishtar Family Revealed
96: Dark (Marik) vs Dark (Bakura)
97: One Turn Kill
98: The Unknown Challenger: The Giant Mobile Fortress Surfaces!
99: Deck Master Deep Sea Warrior
100: The Terrifying Regeneration Combo


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Kind of terrible but fun to watch ironically. Watch the 4kidz dub for full ironic effect.


Not every story arc is good, but it truly does earn its iconic status in the industry placing its tongue firmly in its cheek.

Sunshine And Lilacs

It’s a classic, what more can I say? The battles can be long and a bit complex but as I said, it’s a classic!


The One thing that everybody remembers. The anime moste iconic, that basically began the 21st century for many people. Check it out.


We all remember this show. What we don’t remember is that it wasn’t super great. Take it for what it is and don’t let nostalgia blind you


This is the best card game anime (show) of all time preiod.